SLIDESHOW: Puzzling Record

Text by Karen Flores, Photos by Fernando Sepe, Jr. for

Posted at Dec 14 2012 03:00 AM | Updated as of Dec 15 2012 01:41 AM

A woman’s love for jigsaw puzzles has given birth to a bed and breakfast inn, the newest tourist attraction in breezy Tagaytay City.

Aptly called Puzzle Mansion, the 11-room bed and breakfast facility houses the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle collection owned by Gina Gil Lacuna, a retired businesswoman.

Lacuna has a total of 1,028 puzzles in different sizes, colors, themes and dimensions (she also has 3D and 4D puzzles) on display at the Puzzle Mansion, which is located on Cuadra Street in Barangay Asisan in Tagaytay City. Several others are left unfinished, with a handful of them available for sale.

She plans to finish a 32,000-piece puzzle by February 12 as a gift for her son’s birthday.

“I want to finish the largest puzzle in the world, it’s 32,000 pieces,” Lacuna told members of the media before she was given the Guinness World Records certificate for having the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle collection. “That will be my gift to my son.”

Lacuna’s first jigsaw puzzle, which she pieced together 26 years ago, had 5,000 pieces and featured Disney characters. She bought it during her trip to Hong Kong.

The Guinness World Record holder then shared her approach to building puzzles: piece together the puzzles forming the border, then move to the dominant colors.

Asked how she will finish the dozens of puzzles she bought from her travels, she said in jest: “That’s puzzling.”