In feng shui, 2013 is 'best time to start over'

By Karen Flores,

Posted at Nov 21 2012 03:54 PM | Updated as of Nov 22 2012 11:31 PM

A figure showing the head of a snake

MANILA, Philippines – If you are planning to change careers, put up a business or end a relationship, do it before the start of the Year of the Water Snake to have the most luck, according to a feng shui expert.

Citing her analysis of feng shui charts, Marites Allen said the Year of the Water Snake, which begins on February 10, 2013, is the best time to start a new life.

“[The Year of the Water Snake] is something like a reset button,” Allen, who is now based in the United Kingdom, said in a press briefing during her visit to Manila.

“If you want to start with a new career, this is the year,” she added. “If you ask me, I’m back to zero all over again. I started Frigga (her feng shui-inspired clothing line). It’s a reset button for everybody.”

Allen said good things are expected to come in the Year of the Water Snake, as compared with the “not-so-lucky” Year of the Water Dragon since the coming year has “a complete set of elements.”

“Things will be very good because it has the presence of two wood elements, two water, two earth, a metal and a fire. So this is a complete set of elements,” she explained to members of the media as she points to a feng shui illustration. “We are hoping to go through a better time after so many years of [hardship].”

She also mentioned that following things that people should watch out for during the Year of the Water Snake:

  • Water disasters and fighting can have some impact in the general scene
  • Younger generation will be governing this year
  • Clever people will reign supreme over powerful people
  • Friendly alliances can take place, not only within the Philippines but also in other countries
  • Technology will bring more people together

‘Lucky’ animal signs

Referring to the “flying star” chart, a discipline in feng shui that analyzes positive and negative auras, Allen also announced the “lucky” animal signs for the Year of the Water Snake.

She said those who were born in the Year of the Tiger and the Year of the Ox will gain wealth-related luck during the Year of the Water Snake. Dragons and Snakes, on the other hand, are seen to be lucky in issues related to love, romance and education next year.

Figures showing a tiger and a rabbit

“Pwede nang magpakasal,” Allen said of those born in the Years of the Dragon and Snake.

Other “lucky” animal signs include the Horse, which is seen to have more “prosperity”; the Rat, predicted to get the energies of the “white star,” which is associated with overall success; and the Dog and Boar, said to have better “heaven luck” or karma.

On the other hand, Allen said the Rabbit, Rooster, Sheep and Monkey will not be as fortunate during the Year of the Water Snake. She said those born in the Year of the Sheep and the Year of the Monkey are more likely to suffer from illness; the Rooster may tend to get more violent; and the Rabbit may get into more arguments next year.

Meanwhile, Allen stressed that she cannot instantly give individual predictions without enough data, reacting to questions from the media and guests about their own fortunes.

“Hindi po siya basta-basta. It comes with analysis so we use the four pillars chart of the year, ibig sabihin ‘yung date of birth of the person, the flying stars, meaning ano ‘yung mga maswerte at ‘di maswerteng lokasyon, and even our own astrological signs,” she explained.

“Hindi po kami manghuhula. Kunyari, sino po ang mananalo. You have to give us time,” she added. “We cannot simply say them straight. We have to do the analysis kaya sana in the future when you come and see us, you give us time to analyze. Hindi pwedeng bigla-bigla, kasi those who do that, hula hula lang ‘yan.”

Three types of luck

Allen warned, however, that Filipinos should not focus too much on feng shui as there are two other things that affect a person’s luck.

She said feng shui falls under the “earth luck” category as it helps attract positive energy and deal with negative energy.

The other two are “heaven luck” and “human luck.”

“I always explain that there are three types of luck. The first one-third is the heaven luck… This is something that is God-given and cannot be changed.

“The second one-third is what you do to yourself (human luck), a result of your actions and decisions. If I am lazy, nobody is going to put food on the table.

“The final one-third is what we call the earth luck. This is what feng shui is all about.”

While a lot of Filipinos do not believe in feng shui, many of them prefer to be on the safe side by adhering to its principles, buying trinkets and other “lucky” items for themselves and their homes.

Others, meanwhile, opt to respect the ancient Chinese system the same way that believers do not criticize their Catholic faith.

Marites Allen will hold a feng shui convention on January 19, 2013 at the Infinity Ballroom of Best Western Premiere F1 Hotel at Fort Bonifacio Global City. After the Manila event, she will hold similar talks on February 16 in Monaco, March 23 in London, March 31 in Tokyo, April 27 in Alaska, May in Iceland, July in Norway, August in Belgium, Spain and Malta, and September in Denmark and Sweden.