Accessorizing tips from Anne, Georgina


Posted at Nov 16 2012 06:40 PM | Updated as of Nov 17 2012 02:55 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Here's a trusty fashion tip from two of the country's top fashion mavens: women can make their favorite dresses look brand new again with the right kind of accessory to match them with.

Anne Curtis (above), Georgina Wilson, Xian Lim and Richard Gutierrez were introduced as the new celebrity endorsers of SM Accessories on Thursday evening.

"Even if it's a dress that you've had for so long, na you don't know how to wear it anymore, and people have seen you repeat it so many times, if you just add just a chunky necklace to it, it makes your look different so much, [there's a] big difference," actress Anne Curtis told ABS-CBN News on Thursday night, when she was introduced, along with three others, as the new endorsers of SM Accessories.

"I think the key talaga is to sometimes add a little more than usual accessories, to make your outfit look like a brand new dress or shirt," she added.

The "It's Showtime" host is joined by actors Xian Lim and Richard Gutierrez, and British-Filipino model Georgina Wilson as the new faces of the fashion brand. Dubbed the "Supreme Four," they took turns Thursday night in showcasing their favorite pieces from SM Accessories on the runway.

Echoing Curtis' style tip, Wilson attested to the "power" of accessories in making otherwise dated outfits look fresh again.

"You can be wearing a very simple black dress, but using accessories will already change your look," said Wilson. "And to keep your look current updated, it's easy to just add a different accessory, different outfit na kaagad."

While sporting flashy necklaces or sparkling bracelets can add beautifully to an outfit, Wilson said it's likewise important to accessorize in such a way that it will reflect your personality.

"Accessories make your look individual. You bring your personality, you bring your character. You accessorize to show the world [who you are] face forward. So I think it's important, and it's very much part of your style character," she said.

In order to pull off a wide array of "individual" looks, it is important to back it up with an equally expansive collection of accessories, Curtis noted. "I think it's very important that you have your own set of accessories, because it adds variety to your outfit."

Pointing to the different styles of accessories now available, Wilson also advised fellow "fashionistas" to experiment in putting together add-ons and outfits. She also emphasized the value of "dressing your age" despite the abundance of new accessories out in the market.

"Don't take accessorizing too seriously, have fun, experiment. Dress your age also. It's to let the fun kids dress cute and playful, and don't be afraid, just layer," she said.

For her part, Wilson said she likes to pair black and gold accessories with her outfits. "I'm big fan of black and gold accessories, so a big chunky gold bracelet, I love that, or a big chunky gold necklace. I like that look a lot, and it's very festive."

Curtis, on the other hand, is looking to make her own trend this Christmas season, by sporting accessories that "sparkle."

"I like to have really nice earrings, something sparkly. For example, simple earrings that add something to your outfit, even necklaces or bling rings or sparkly bracelets, they add spice to your outfits, so that would by my trend for this Christmas," she said.