'PH is world's 10th top consumer of music downloads'


Posted at Nov 15 2012 11:33 PM | Updated as of Nov 16 2012 07:33 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- The sheer number of Filipinos downloading music online, legally or otherwise, has made the Philippines the world's 10th most active digital music consumer.

In its "breakdown of top 10 countries for all [music] downloads," the September 2012 edition of the Musicmetric Digital Music Index (DMI) lists the Philippines in 10th place, with 8,380,208 downloads.

On the top spot is the United States with 96,681,133 downloads. It is trailed by the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Spain, India, France and the Philippines, respectively.

The first edition of DMI, according to its preview study, analyzes "the trends and preferences of millions of music fans across the globe."

"The aim is to help the industry understand who and where the fans are, which types of artist fans are engaging with the most and how fans interact with music through the many online consumption channels," Musicmetric said.

Dubbed "the most in-depth study ever of the global digital music landscape," Musicmetric's first DMI also details the preferences of and trends on social media as generated by millions of music followers from every country.

The study also looks into consumers' engagement with digital music worldwide via authorized and unauthorized platforms. Notably, it provides a comprehensive look at the BitTorrent network, where "non-licensed content files [are shared] in vast amounts all over the world."

This is aside from gathering data from the licensed venues for music downloads such as Spotify, Deezer, 7Digital and iTunes.

Musicmetric DMI also monitors the impact of music releases, gigs and television appearances of the counted 750,000 artists on their online profile, and by extension, on digital music consumption patterns.