LRT incident, #amalayer trending online


Posted at Nov 14 2012 04:14 PM | Updated as of Nov 15 2012 10:22 PM

MANILA, Philippines -- The video of a woman making a scene inside the LRT 2- Santolan station that was uploaded on Facebook has sparked various responses from netizens.

The clip which was uploaded by Gregory Paulo Llamoso has been liked by nearly 9,000 users, has been shared 33,000 times and has gained more than 10,000 comments.

The words "amalayer" and "LRT" have also been trending on micro-blogging site Twitter since this morning.

The video showed a female passenger raising her voice at a lady security guard allegedly after the guard admonished the passenger for using the wrong entrance.

Some of the netizens feel for woman, saying the video does not tell the whole story. But more are saying she could have handled it differently.

Weldon Sullano felt sorry for her but said she should not have raised her voice.

“Agree! She could have talk calmly not raising her voice... It shows her unethical side… felt sory for her,” Sullano commented.

C.B. Gañio, meanwhile, noticed the insignia on her blazer. “The better way of mitigating her complaint is for her to speak in private to the manager,” Gañio said.

The video even reached Canadian shores.

Mil-Grace O. Lin said, “Even in Canada I'm shaking my head. If there was a passenger at our local transit/ bus system who acted this way, that particular passenger would've been tackled by our Canadian police and sent to jail and charged with verbal assault.” -- Report from ANC