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By Mocha Uson

Posted at Nov 11 2011 09:01 PM | Updated as of Nov 12 2011 04:35 PM

(Editor's note: Mocha Uson is a performing artist who also gives advice on sex-related issues through her blogs. She used to have a monthly photo blog in Maxim Philippines.)

Dear Ms. O (Mocha),

I’m a wife and a mother of 2. My husband and I love having sex. We’ve been married for 10 yrs now. We love watching your shows by the way. In fact, after watching your gig, we go home and have sex. Just like you, I believe that sex is important in marriage.

My question is, how can I please my husband even more? We’ve tried several positions and techniques. We’ve even recorded ourselves on video. What else can I do to surprise my partner in bed and give him a satisfying sexperience?

I love your blog and more power to you!


Dear Liza,

I’m so happy when women, especially wives, approach me and ask me for advice on how to please their husbands in bed.

These women discovered the secret to a happy and satisfying relationship- GREAT SEX!

When a couple has been together for a long time they often get lazy and fail to prioritize sex. You might say, what’s the big deal? It’s just sex! It is a big deal to the spouse who yearns for more touch.

Sex isn’t just about physical release. It’s about the feeling of being wanted, loved and connected. It is the highest form of human physical intimacy.

If the partner is unsatisfied, he/she will end up finding help somewhere else. The problem with us ladies, especially us Filipinas, we think that “SEX” is not a necessity but a favor for our partners. We always forget that MEN are born HORNY. If we can’t keep up with them and give them GREAT SEX we will soon have a problem.

I am NOT saying that SEX is the sole foundation of a relationship. But lack of sex in a relationship is one of the “major major” reasons why men look for “the other woman”. We need to satisfy our partners not just with great companionship but also with great sexual relationship.

Based on the emails I’ve received on my blog, aside from premature ejaculation, decreased sexual drive from their wives/gfs is one of the most common problems of men. As ladies, we need to do shopping. Men need to have sex. Truth hurts, but it sets you free.

If you want to make your partner happy, don’t just have sex with him. Have great sex! In order for you to do that, you need to be a great sex partner.

There’s a big difference between having sex with a woman who’s clueless and with the one who’s great in bed. It’s like comparing a 1960 volkswagen beetle with 2011 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. Which one are you?

As a performing artist, here are some of my tips for having great sex:

1. Practice- just like many skills, it requires practice and experience. You can also check out my blog on BJ, Booty Shake, etc.

2. Costume – buy sexy lingerie to “visually stimulate” your partner. Make him want to pin you on the wall and tear your lingerie off with his teeth.

3. Set the mood – candlelight and soft/sexy music. Begin seduction by slowly touching yourself. Show him the way you want him to touch you.

4. Explore – be willing to experiment with your partner and try new things.

5. Change location – try different places. Ex. In the kitchen, living room, fire exit, in the car, on the beach (just don’t get caught!) etc.


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