9 things you need to know about oral sex


Posted at Nov 04 2012 02:58 PM | Updated as of Nov 05 2012 08:01 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Making love is not limited to vaginal intercourse, a doctor said, as she mentioned two other forms of sexual acts.

One is anal sex – or intercourse via the anus – and oral sex, which involves the use of the mouth.

Although frowned upon in many cultures, oral sex is commonly practiced by straight and gay couples across the globe.

“’Pag sinabi mo kasing sex, ang iniisip agad vaginal sex,” Dr. Lulu Marquez, who holds sessions on sex education, said. “It could also be oral sex or anal sex.”

Several prominent figures have been involved in oral sex scandals, with one of them being actor Hugh Grant, who is caught “getting it” from a prostitute in a car in Los Angeles.

Marquez stressed that oral sex should be done by couples who are in serious and long-time relationships such as marriage as she discouraged getting casual sex partners.

“If it’s between husband and wife, wala naman tayong magiging problema diyan kasi wala namang multiple sex partners,” she said.

Marquez then shared with listeners and viewers of the DZMM show “Private Nights” on Sunday what they need to know about oral sex.

Here are some of them:

1. Oral sex is an act that involves the stimulation of the genitalia using the mouth.

2. The medical term for oral sex on a man is fellatio. If a man does oral sex to his wife, it is called cunnilingus.

3. Oral sex is usually done by partners as part of foreplay. Others do it to avoid getting pregnant. It is particularly common among homosexuals.

4. Filipino women are not that fond of oral sex as compared to Westerners.

5. There is nothing wrong with oral sex if it is done exclusively. Problems arise when one or both partners engage in casual sex with others as this boosts the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

6. Some of the STDs that one can get from oral sex inclue chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes and HIV, which could lead to AIDS. For more on STDs, click here.

7. The ejaculate, or the thick white fluid released by the male genital tract, contains spermatozoa, enzymes and fructose, a kind of carbohydrate. Rumors saying that the smell and taste of the ejaculate is based on what a man ate are not necessarily true.

8. It is not advisable to have oral sex if one or both partners have infections such as bleeding gums, and open wounds as this may lead to the transfer of STDs.

9. Those who want to be on the safe side during oral sex may use certain items to prevent the entry of bodily fluids into a partner’s mouth. Among these are flavored condoms and a product similar to a plastic wrap that coats a person’s tongue.