29 tips for a healthy long weekend


Posted at Nov 02 2012 03:23 PM | Updated as of Nov 04 2012 11:04 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Get six to eight hours of sleep, eat slowly and go to a foot spa. These are only some of the tips given by Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag as Filipinos enjoy another long weekend.

On microblogging site Twitter, Tayag started the hashtag #LongweekendHealthTips as he suggested ways on how Filipinos can use this free time to relax and take care of their bodies.

The DOH official also encouraged netizens to come up with their own tips.

Here are Tayag’s suggestions for a healthy long weekend ahead:


1. On your plate today should be half for veggies and fruits, a quarter for the meat, and another quarter for grains.

2. Do not choke on your food. Cut them to pieces. Chew them patiently. What’s the hurry? It is all yours, isn’t it?

3. At the fast food, avoid oversized food and drinks. And please, chew slowly. Fast food did not mean to eat it fast.

4. At a buffet, choose a table at the farthest end. Use the smallest plate. Skip dessert. Water is best over juices and sodas.

5. Going for strong alcohol all day? Make it red wine. A bottle is just fine, make sure you share the bottle.

Food handling

6. Clear your refrigerators of old food A three-day old cooked food is old.

7. Check those expiry dates on food and medicines.

Fitness/weight loss

8. Check your weight and waistline. Women should be under 32 inches at the waist. Men under 34.

9. Weight is equal to what you eat minus what you exercise. Eating more and exercising less means more weight.

10. Time to “Moves Like Jagger” and “Gangnam Style” to make sweat and have fun.

11. Time for team sports – reconnect with your buddies and pals. No cat calls, just fun.

12. Jump the rope. Slide the boards. Swim a river. Climb a mountain. Walk the mall. No escalators nor elevators.

13. Weather is good for cycling. Bring those thirst-quenchers. Be careful on the road.

14. Play with the children. They have enough of iPadding already.


15. Clean clothes. Clean beds. Clean kitchen. Clean toilets. Clean Living.

16. Clean fingers start with clean nails. Do not add insult to injury. Visit your nail trimmer.

17. Do not sneeze in public. If you are sick, the mall is not for you. Health is in your hands. You also spread illness with them.

18. Make that doctor appointment soon. Time to get a second opinion.

19. Time to flash that good smile. See your dentist today.

20. Bitten by a dog? Do not delay. Get those wounds cleaned with soap and water. You may need anti-rabies vaccines.

21. Now is the time for that long-delayed decision: quit smoking.

22. Avoid road accidents. Remember your loved ones await your safe return and their pasalubong, of course.


23. Visit your church. A healthy mind and body needs spiritual renewal.

24. Read those paperbacks you missed like “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Imagination is key for the most part. Learn to skip pages.


25. Go for that relaxing shower and bath, and old-fashioned hilud (scrubbing the skin to remove dirt).

26. Refresh your face. Males not exempted. Get rid of those blackheads.

27. Have that well-deserved foot massage and foot spa. Take care of those precious feet.

28. Skip a bad hair day. Visit your hair caretaker. Bad hair has been associated with bad moods – for other people.

29. A good sleep is six to eight hours of uninterrupted rest every day. Do not sleep too long. Do not be the last one to wake up.