Halloween hack pranks visitors to NTC site


Posted at Nov 01 2012 12:51 PM | Updated as of Nov 01 2012 09:57 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Hackers pranked the website of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Halloween.

A popup saying “Sh4d0wFiend_h4x04 and Wizkidl33t were here!” greeted users as they accessed http://www.ntc.gov.ph.

After clicking on the popup, visitors to the site were redirected to a page which showed text on a black and red background.

Hackers invite visitors to the NTC site to view their Halloween special.

“Welcome to the world of Halloween, in a moment you will see a couple of scary and entertainment media,” said the hackers, who proceeded to shock users with scary images and audio.

They clarified that they did not hack into the NTC site to push a political agenda, but merely did it for fun.

“This is not about a government issues this is for Halloween special click proceed to go to the next page,” the hackers said in their “presentation.”

Users may avoid the prank pages and access the NTC’s home page at http://ntc.gov.ph/index.php.