Zodiac signs linked to illnesses: astrologer


Posted at Oct 28 2012 08:23 PM | Updated as of Oct 29 2012 07:38 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Did you know that one’s zodiac sign may be linked to a disease which one is prone to have?

This is according to veteran astrologer Zenaida Seva.

In an interview with radio dzMM on Sunday, Seva said that based on one’s astrological sign, there are diseases which a person may be more vulnerable to.

“Bawat birthday ay may kanya-kanyang characteristic, quality. Mayroong part ng body na associated with their zodiac sign,” Seva explained, saying astrological signs should at least make a person more vigilant on what to avoid.

Here are the illnesses supposedly related to Zodiac signs according to Seva:


The Aries sign is associated with parts of the body above the neck. Thus, Seva said Arians are more prone to suffering headaches, head injuries or even toothaches. Seva added that Arians are quick in losing their temper.


Gemini is associated with a person’s lungs, fingers and anything related to hearing. As such Seva said those born under this sign should not smoke or should avoid second-hand smoke or pollution.


Like Aries, Seva said the Taurus sign is also associated with a person’s neck. Thus Taureans should be cautious against diseases which normally occur in one’s neck or throat. Seva added that Taureans are most likely to experience choking.


Seva said this sign is associated with the upper part of the body. “Sila ang mas prone sa breast cancer. Kaya Cancerians, basically nanay, how do you nurture babies? Basically by breastfeeding. Puwedeng mas sensitive sila and mas prone to breast cancer. So 'yung mga sinasabi ng doktor about breast cancer, kailangan mag-ingat sila,” Seva explained.


People born under the Leo sign are more vulnerable to heart illnesses or anything related to the circulatory system. “For Leo, pangalagaan ang kanilang puso. Mas sensitive sila sa mga sinasabing bad for the heart like cholesterol, fatty food. Mas maingat sila dapat sa mga bagay na ganyan,” Seva said.


Virgo rules a person’s stomach. Thus people under this sign must be more cautious in avoiding diseases like ulcer.


Librans should avoid eating salty food since the sign rules a person’s kidney. Seva said Librans also have a sweet tooth, making them prone to developing diabetes.


The Scorpio sign rules a person’s reproductive organs. “They have to be careful of indiscriminate relationships but also hindi rin nila dapat itago ang kanilang galit. Kapag nagalit, nagtatanim eh usually malalim na malalim ang kanilang feelings. Puwedeng mayroon siyang nararamdaman pero hindi niya ipapakita,” Seva said.


The Sagittarius sign is associated with a person’s liver, hips and thighs. Seva said Sagittarians should be constantly reminded about drinking moderately.


The Capricorn sign is associated with a person’s knees and bones. Those born under this sign are prone to injuries involving these body parts.


While Aquarians are also linked to illnesses involving blood circulation, Seva said those born under this this sign are also likely to have weak ankles.


Lastly, Pisceans need to be more alert against possible foot injuries. “Lahat ng klaseng injuries sa paa. Kaya kapag 'yung moon nasa Pisces, sabi ko sa kliyente ko huwag papa-pedicure kasi baka ma-injure,” Seva said.