What Pinays want to accomplish before turning 30


Posted at Oct 23 2012 05:20 PM | Updated as of Oct 24 2012 01:21 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Pilar Tolentino, executive director of Center for Family Ministries, shared the things that most Filipino women want to accomplish before they reach the age of 30.

Citing her own observations, Tolentino said more and more Filipino women aim to become the breadwinner of their families during their 20s as they get more career opportunities.

“Now that they have more opportunities, mas marami na silang pwedeng gawin [para sa mga pamilya nila],” she said

But she was quick to add: “But ‘kailangan’ is a very difficult thing to say.”

Tolentino noted that people make the shift from adolescence to adulthood in their 20s, thus the gradual change in needs and aspirations.

“There’s still the urge to blend in, but at the same time, nagiging mas aware na tayo sa responsibilities natin, sa relationships natin, and sa independence natin,” she said.

Be financially independent

Aside from aspiring to become the breadwinner of the family, many women in their 20s start to invest, whether in stocks, banks or life insurance as they strive for financial independence and empowerment, Tolentino observed.

Either this or they tend to spend extra large amounts on items that they could not afford before, from shoes and bags to gadgets such as mobile phones.

Tolentino explained that this is a cause of the sudden change in their lifestyle – from being dependent on the allowances they get from their parents, they are now able to earn their own money.

“Siyempre may dagdag na responsibility ‘yan. Pwede nila ‘yang gamitin either sa luho or they invest for their future,” she said.

Fall in love – and get serious

Most Filipino women also hope to find a life partner before age 30, according to Tolentino, as they tend to have a more serious approach when it comes to relationships.

“Itong romantic relationship, ito talaga ay isang area na nadi-discover natin at this age,” she said. “Medyo nagiging mas seryoso na rito kaysa before noong adolescents tayo.”

Tolentino said that as Filipino women become less of an adolescent and more of an adult, their priorities change as well.

“It’s an area of growth kasi from being concerned with ourselves only, natututo na tayong magpahalaga sa isang tao, particularly sa isang tao na mahal natin,” she said.

Being a predominantly Catholic country, most Filipino women see getting married in a church as an ideal, she added.

Travel the world

But before tying the knot, most Filipino women are hoping to see the world, or at least get out of the country at least once, according to Tolentino.

Among them are Kapamilya actresses Erich Gonzales and Andi Eigenmann, who are both 22 years old. The two stars were also guests on Tuesday’s episode of “Kris TV.”

“I love to travel,” said Gonzales, who is saving up money for a trip to Europe.

“That’s also what I’m saving for,” Eigenmann said. “I also want to go to Europe, of course. That’s my top destination.”