Whatever happened to actress Sheryl Cruz?

By Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBNnews.com

Posted at Oct 20 2012 01:24 AM | Updated as of Oct 22 2012 06:50 PM

Cruz finds new passion in paper-weaving

MANILA, Philippines -- Popular for her "love team" with actor Romnick Sarmienta and her "mataray" roles onscreen in the 80s, Sheryl Cruz nowadays finds herself "expressing more through her hands" than with on-screen performances.

Having started her new venture only four months ago, Cruz's "paper-weaving" business is now going retail via a number of trade exhibits, with the most recent being Manila FAME 2012, which is ongoing at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

For Cruz, however, her newest expression of art is not only a means for income, but more importantly, "to help people have livelihood, have food for their table."

"[It's a way] to get them food from their work, especially the ladies, who benefit from this project that I'm doing," she said.

In an interview with ANC's Shop Talk aired Friday, Cruz said "Paper For Now," as she had named her latest venture, also aims to make stylish items made of "paper weave."

"Now I've come up with my own designs. Some are inspired by the beautiful products that I see every day," Cruz said.

"One of my favorite pieces is called the 'Ashley clutch.' I named it after my daughter, and this is one of the bestsellers," she added.

While her "paper bags" aim to look fashionable, this is only second priority to the durability that may not be expected of an item, that is made mostly of paper.

Explaining Paper For Now's way of ensuring its items durability, Cruz said: "It's better to reinforce paper products, especially when you think about it getting wet."

"We make sure that we have lining. Most of the products have bag lining inside them, and then we double laminate it," she said.

After having learned the nitty-gritty of designing for durability, Cruz's interest in paper-weaving, she recounted, started in 2010, when she first came across similar items on display for sale.

"When I was at a Christmas party, I saw shopping bags and grocery bags that were made of paper weave. So I bought several items. I ended up giving them as my gifts, holiday gifts to my friends," she said.

Her holiday impulse shopping would would make way for a new passion, as she soon sought to learn the craft of making the bags herself.

"I bugged my friend. 'You know what, I really am so interested to learn this art, and I would really like to do my own pieces," she said.

"Until finally I got to do it, and the rest is history," she added.