Sony Ericsson launches new smartphone

By Maria Aleta Nieva-Nishimori,

Posted at Oct 16 2010 10:17 AM | Updated as of Oct 20 2010 06:15 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Sony Ericsson unveiled on Wednesday its new smartphone that comes preloaded with applications, including an anti-theft software.

Sony Ericsson General Manager Dennis Manzano said the Sony Ericsson X8 takes with it the best experiences from the X10 and brings the Xperia line to a more affordable price range.


Sony Ericsson calls the Xperia X8 "a great entertainment smartphone." Credit:


“The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is a great entertainment smartphone. [It] sits in the mid-level of our overall portfolio and contributes to Sony Ericsson’s objective to extend the Xperia collection of entertaining smartphones to a broader audience by offering an affordable option that combines a compact size with style and performance,” Manzano said.

Like the X10, the Xperia X8, Manzano explained, has a 4-corner user interface that can be customized with widgets for quick one-touch access to the most used applications.

It also has the Sony Ericsson signature application Timescape, which displays a 3D scrolling menu of the user’s latest e-mails, SMS, social networking updates, photos, music, and calls, all in chronological order.

“It is designed for greater entertainment. The size allows for perfect browsing. It’s perfect when you want to watch movies or play games. You have a virtual QWERTY keyboard which makes it easier to do your SMS, Twitter or Facebook updates or even your e-mails. And of course, taking to the very playful image of the Sony Ericsson, the product will have changeable covers,” explained Manzano.

Each unit comes with the following accessories: a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a charger, 2-gig micro SD card, an e-manual, and an A7-size user guide paper.

Protect your phone and data

“In the X8 that we are introducing, it will come preloaded with 2 applications --WaveSecure, a solution that will allow you to protect your phone, and Enjoy PH, a mobile application with access to freebies, perks and privileges in over 700 establishments in Metro Manila, Cebu and Boracay,” said Manzano.

He added that smartphones are very important devices because they carry a lot of data including users' contacts, media, and other information. But when a smartphone is lost or stolen, the user’s information could be accessed by anyone.

“Logically, you want to protect it and there are different ways of protecting your handset. You can install passwords, or you can have different modes of accessing your phones, locking your phones,” he said.

According to Manzano, WaveSecure presents one of the best applications for phone security and protection.

“It was a natural step for us to take the best solutions available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia range,” said Manzano.

WaveSecure will be embedded in the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 and users will be able to experience the service for free for 3 months.

Shaswat Khandelwal, vice president for business development of TenCube which is now part of McAfee Inc., explained that users have the option to back up their data, contacts, photos, and videos automatically on the WaveSecure server.

“In the event that your phone is lost and for some reason you cannot get it back, there is also a feature—'Restore'--and all your information will come back. When you lose your phone, you miss a lot. You don’t have your contacts anymore. You get all that information back when you do a 'restore,'” Khandelwal said.

The user, he said, can also go to the website and remotely lock his or her handset. “If it is stolen, you activate the lock screen. You can customize the message, offer a reward if you want,” he said.

WaveSecure also enables the user to remotely track the location of his or her handset.

“If it’s stolen, you can actually see where on the map. Do a Track location on the website and it communicates with the application and you can get to see the location of your phone on the map. It helps you track down who has your phone and the key aspect in the solution is that it works even if the thief changes the SIM card,” he said.

Also the user has the option to lock and wipe out all the data on his cellphone so that the handset will be useless to whoever is keeping it.