Lucy Liu doesn't want to 'look a little Filipino'


Posted at Oct 15 2012 01:16 PM | Updated as of Oct 15 2012 09:27 PM

MANILA, Philippines – “Charlie’s Angels” actress Lucy Liu drew mixed reactions on social media after she made a comment about looking like a Filipino during her appearance on “The Late Night Show with David Letterman” last October 11.

Hollywood actress Lucy Liu. Photo by Phil McCarten, Reuters

In the talk show, Liu was discussing her regular exercise regimen with the host.

Asked by Letterman if she likes running outdoors or indoors, the Hollywood actress of Chinese descent said: “I run in a machine. It's easier for me. Also if I get really dark, I'll start to look a little Filipino, it wouldn't match. If I start getting darker, you know what I mean? I can get really dark if I’m in the sun too much.”

During the episode, Liu also discussed her upcoming series “Elementary.”

A number of netizens picked on Liu's comments about looking “a little Filipino.”

According to YouTube user sarahmaegrueso, Liu sounded a bit of a racist with her comment.

“Really, what's wrong with being a Filipino? In the first place she's half Asian? I admire her being a great actress, but what she said is really racist. Nakakalungkot lang,” sarahmaegrueso said.

“Hey Lucy Liu, wtf is wrong with looking Filipino? #LucyLiu #FilipinoLooks,” added Twitter user David Mo Sian.

Twitter user Reina also noted: “Interview- Letterman with Lucy Liu- she says she does NOT want to look Filipino? FYI being a Filipino goes beyond skin color.”

“Lucy Liu doesn't jog outside because she doesn't want to get dark and look Filipino. Did she just let her racism out? Ouch Liu,” added Twitter user Shelley Guerrero.

But while some netizens thought Liu was racist, others believe there is nothing wrong with what the actress' statement.

“People reacted so negatively to Lucy Liu's comment on Letterman. That was not racist. She just doesn't want to look like something she's not. People are angry at the fact that 'dark' was associated with 'Filipino.' Hello? Grow a brain and eat your papaya soap,” jasvex added.

As for YouTube user TheJasrich, she said: “Yes people why would Lucy want to look like a Filipino? That would mean having a distinctive look from other Chinese? She likes her look just like other Chinese do. They all like to look the same.”

Twitter user Marius Oczon said: “Nothing racist, I think. Lucy Liu didn't say she didn't want to look Filipino coz it's a disgusting race.”

“If Lucy Liu doesn't like to have a Filipino complexion, many Filipinos don't either. So, what's so offensive about it??” said Twitter user Anacelle Toledo.

Twitter user chiarabbit, meanwhile, said: “Woot. 'Wag na mag-react sa sinabi ni Lucy Liu. Dami nga Filipino na nagpapaputi eh tawag sa kanila? haha.”