Guys, 10 ways to impress on a date


Posted at Oct 14 2012 01:50 PM | Updated as of Oct 15 2012 06:30 PM

Your guide to impressing your date

The world of dating can be vicious. If you’ve been dealt one too many foul blows by disastrous dates it can be easy to shy away from women all together.

Yet dating isn’t all that hard if you’re able to conquer your fears. On your next night out, impress your girl and stop getting ditched by using this disaster-proof dating guide:

1. Turn the tables

It may be the 21st century, but research says that women are still attracted to a man’s wealth and status. Research from the University of Haifa has shown that self-promotion works for guys, but only if their boasting appears to be natural. A good way to add in a cheeky piece of self-flattery is to ask your date a question, which once returned will reflect well on yourself.

2. Choose somewhere noisy

When you think about a perfect date you might think roses, candlelight and romantic music. But according to recent studies it would seem that the cheesy romantic dates aren’t the best option. Instead take your girl somewhere noisy, a place with crowds and loud music. Her senses will become “excited” and this will give her a racing heart rate and an adrenal rush. In turn this will increase her arousal levels.

3. Get the scent

Research has found that women often choose a partner based upon his scent. So if you want the girl to fancy you make sure you choose the right smell. You should either wear no aftershave, so she can pick up on your natural pheromones, or if you prefer to go with cologne, wear an aftershave that contains liquorice, as this is an alluring smell girls crave.

4. Show your caring side

We’re all told that women like the bad guys, but it may be time to throw away that bad attitude. A Canadian study found that women prefer men who are generous, even if she only wants you for just one hot night. You can show your generous side in two ways; either treat her to lavish gifts and food, or if you’re strapped for cash you can talk about lavish gestures you may, or may not, have given in the past.

5. Pace yourself

Dating can be scary, but it is not as difficult as everyone makes out according to a study by the University of Maryland. Their research suggests that if we want her to think we’re perfect for her, all we have to do is talk at the same pace as her. If you crack this, she’ll instantly believe that you are intelligent, kind, confident and ambitious.

6. Stand tall

Forget the flowers and expensive restaurants; if you want to impress the most important thing to get right is your body language. When standing, place your feet shoulder length apart. Do not fold your arms in front of your chest. You need to always have an open posture. Lastly, take up room when gesturing and talk with your hands. If you follow these steps you’ll seem more confident and assertive.

7. Turn up the heat

A date is a little bit like a trapeze act. You must walk the line between showing her you’re great, while avoiding boring her with your tales of good deeds. But if you want to show her that you’re a friendly guy, you don’t need to tell her, all you have to do is buy her a hot drink. A study indicated that women who held hot drinks considered those around them to be warmer than when she held a cold drink.

8. Play her a tune or two

If you go back to yours there is always the dilemma of music. Should you put any on, and if you do what do you choose? The scientists say you should opt for romantic tunes for the back-at-your-flat session. Women who listened to romantic music were more open to the men they talked to. Better dig out that Barry White compilation guys.

9. Rev up the engine

Since school we’ve always seen the hot girls going for the boys with cars. Although you’ve grown up, sadly it would seem that the girl’s haven’t. The British Journal of Psychology confirms that women love a man who drives an expensive car. Don’t worry if you’re driving around in a below average motor, there are plenty of dream car-hire services -- just make sure you’re not going to go on another date with her.

10. Get cheesy

If you choose to wine and dine your lady remember to always ask to see the dessert menu and if possible order a cheeseboard to share. If your girl doesn’t want to share one with you, just order one for yourself. Mature cheese is supposed to smell very similar to the hormones men release during sex. So while you’re tucking into a tasty bit of blue cheese, your girl may find herself feeling horny all of a sudden.