Batangas celebrates 'World Egg Day'


Posted at Oct 13 2009 12:40 AM | Updated as of Oct 13 2009 08:40 AM

MANILA - In honor of its booming egg industry, the municipality of San Jose in Batangas province launched the country's first "World Egg Day" celebration last Friday.

The celebration underscored the fact that while other industries have suffered in the recent typhoons, San Jose's egg industry enjoyed a 25% increase in demand with virtually no loss to inventory.

The fiesta also featured the municipality's delicacy called "Sinuan", a soup made with sauteed garlic, onion, a dash of salt, and an egg that is dropped in while the soup stock is boiling.

The Sinuan Festival has been organized in recent years by the Philippine Egg Board and the Batangas Egg Producers Association.

San Jose, considered the egg basket of the Philippines, supplies about 30% of the country's eggs. About 10% of the municipality's businesses are part of the egg industry.

Egg processing plant

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap graced the egg fiesta and proposed plans on how to boost the town's egg businesses. Among these plans include the allocation of funds for an egg processing plant in San Jose.

The project, proposed as early as 2004, reportedly costs P80 million - an investment that is meant to modernize the industry and to make the products competitive globally.

Former Agriculture secretary Luis P. Lorenzo, one of the first proponents of the egg processing plant, explained in a press statement that the plant will require 160,000 eggs a day to produce 8,000 kilos of liquid-processed egg a day.

The output includes 48% processed egg whites, 28% yolk, 9% whole eggs, and egg shells - all of which will be cheaper than imported eggs.

Lorenzo said this would be able to replace one-third of the country's annual imports and save the government over P78 million. Report by Ernie Manio, ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog, with additional reports from