Feng shui expert: 2014 not good for new relationships


Posted at Oct 08 2013 08:20 PM | Updated as of Oct 10 2013 02:14 AM

MANILA -- If 2013 is the "best time to start over," 2014 is the "best time to go with the flow," according to a feng shui expert.

Citing her analysis of feng shui charts, Marites Allen said the Year of the Wood Horse, which will start on January 31, 2014, is not the ideal time to get into a relationship, tie the knot, invest or start a new business.

"This is actually the year in one sentence: going with the flow is key in the Year of the Horse," Allen said in a press conference on Tuesday.

"For relationships, you must do it before the end of the year... Relationships that would start next year are ill-fated. They're doomed. Heartbreaks and breakups are in store for them," she added. "But you can still take risks."

Allen said one can expect quick tempers and an "intense environment" to be common next year, noting the presence of two "aggressive sword stars."

Given these, the feng shui expert encouraged the public to maintain a positive attitude and to always think twice and take a step back before saying or doing anything.

"Expect to be misinterpreted a lot," she said.

'Lucky' signs

Allen went on to share which animal signs are "lucky" during the Year of the Wood Horse.

Aside from those who are born in the Year of the Horse, people under the Sheep and Monkey animal signs are predicted to get the energies of the "white star," which is associate with overall success, she said.

Other "lucky" animal signs include the Rooster, which is seen to have "heaven luck" or good karma, and the Rat, which is said to have more prosperity next year.

On the other hand, Allen said those who are under the Dragon and Snake animal signs may get into more arguments in 2014. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are more likely to suffer from illness; the Tiger and Ox may tend to be more violent; and the Dog and Boar may experience misfortune.

Allen stressed, however, that a person's luck does not only lie on his or her animal sign, citing human action and the environment.

"Pwede kasing lucky ang sign mo, pero puro nega (negative) ang mga tao sa paligid mo," she said, adding that these could be countered by certain feng shui-inspired charms.