Celebs share views on anti-cybercrime law


Posted at Oct 03 2012 08:13 PM | Updated as of Oct 04 2012 09:22 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Local celebrities took to Twitter to share their views about the much talked about anti-cybercrime law, which took effect on Wednesday.

While most of them were against the measure altogether, others only called for a revision of certain parts of the law, while a handful saw its good intentions.

But actress-singer Sharon Cuneta, the niece of Senator Tito Sotto who proposed the online libel provision into the cybercrime law, defended the measure saying: “If you’re a decent person to begin with, what’s there to fear?”

Singer Rico Blanco, meanwhile, urged the public to “read up on an issue before joining any bandwagon.”

Below are the celebrities’ posts on the microblogging site:

Anne Curtis, actress and TV host: “Being someone that's active in the social media world I couldn't help but feel sad & scared while reading the Cybercrime Act.”

“Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Having an opinion? Expressing oneself? These are our own accounts. Our property. Our lives.”

“And now if we share our opinions we can get into trouble with the law? Put behind bars? Fined a ridiculous amount even?”

“The cybercrime act does have some responsible points that should be included and implemented.”

“BUT going to extent of having a law that takes away a freedom we should all rightfully have just seems wrong to me.”

“Even if I know that as a celebrity I'd probably even benefit from the act but at the end of the day I'm still a citizen of this country.”

“We want peace in our country, amongst our people and future generations. And we should all have equal rights. I just feel its so one sided. I hope they consider REVISING the cybercrime act, An act that takes away a citizen's freedom and right to hear/read/tweet/retweet/blog/post/like about the good and bad things about our country.”

“I'm afraid will do the complete opposite. I am for the Revision of the Cybercrime Act.”

Jim Paredes, one-third of the iconic musical trio APO Hiking Society: “I am a for a cybercrime law to protect kids from porno, to stop hacking, theft but not to arbitrarily stifle expression. No to libel prov (provision).”

“I have a gun pointed at you but since I have not pulled the trigger, you don't need to worry-- The Sotto provision in short.”

“Cybercrime law isn't scary if you have a liberal democrat in DOJ. If you have someone who has no tolerance for criticism, it will be abused.”

“Cybercrime law as it is now does not guarantee but may even curtail freedom of expression.”

Mo Twister, DJ: “While flattered to be the inspiration for a Philippine law, I'd rather my work be stolen by a national leader and him puss out in admitting it.”

“Wow. Nice job Senator. So, are you implying that I uploaded the video? Do you have proof, Mr. Morality?”

“Question: Are you happy that most of you are smarter than a senator or are you sad that most of you are smarter than a senator?”

Sharon Cuneta, actress: “Actually, it's the total opposite of what you just said. Napaka-public nga namin, all eyes are on us. Pero kung di ka nananakit ng kapwa mo, bakit ka matatakot?”

“So kahit nagtitinda lang ng isaw ang asawa ko at gusto ko magpakatino at walang sinasaktan, WHY WOULD I BE AFRAID?”

“You've got it UPSIDE-DOWN. There should be much more pressure on our part exactly cos we're public personalities.”

“Sorry you disagree. See? Saying ‘...when my husband's a Senator...’ is foul in itself.”

“I am used to confrontations; face-to-face discussions & arguments. I hope the law does come to be so as long as you take responsibility for what you say, that is respectable.”

“Cowards who hide behind fake identities can assume responsibility for their actions. This is only my opinion. If you can't accept it, just try and respect it.”

“Cybercrime law? If you're a decent person to begin with, WHAT'S THERE TO FEAR? Ano yon, ang pumiyok, guilty?”

Bianca Gonzalez, TV host: “Hey, it's October 3! and we still stand for freedom of expression! #ReviseCyberCrimeLaw.”

“So is everyone feeling free today? We ought to! #ReviseCyberCrimeLaw.”

“A society grows/matures/develops because we share opposing views. So keep sharing your opinion. :) #ReviseCyberCrimeLaw.”

“We're not afraid of being penalized, we're more afraid that a bill that potentially suppresses our freedom of expression was passed into law.”

“Actually mukhang mas madaming taong mas naglabas ng opinyon ngayon dahil sa #cybercrimelaw issue. ayus! #ReviseCyberCrimeLaw.”

“Kung saka-sakali, (pero syempre sana hindi) sabay sabay tayo sa kulungan, (kung magkasya tayo!) at least pinaglaban. #ReviseCyberCrimeLaw.”

Rico Blanco, singer: “Don't allow yourself to be anyone's puppet or fool. Read up on an issue before joining any bandwagon. Decide for yourself.”

Elmo Magalona, actor: “Wake me up when #CyberCrimeLaw has ended.”

Maxene Magalona, actress: “Oh, how I love the traffic, floods and increasing crime rate of our country! <3 (The #CyberCrimeLaw discourages negativity. Teehee.).”

“I just had a red velvet cupcake. SUE ME. #jokelang #dontputmeinjail.”

Mocha Uson, performing artist: “It's as stupid as our power-hungry politicians RT @ginopasky5: @MochaUson what are your thoughts for cybercrime law?”

“Wala naman cguro masama sa "Canton"? #NoToCybercrimeLaw.”

“Walang libog, walang buhay. #NoToCybercrimeLaw.”

Ogie Diaz, TV host and actor: “#WalangHanggan na! Etong si Nathan, nag--------. Meron na palang #CyberCrimeLaw. #SasarilininKoNaLang.”

“Ang husay ni @mepauloavelino sa #WalangHanggan. Kaya sana naman, iurong na yang #CyberCrimeLaw.”

“U.N. declares internet freedom a basic human right - Your Community http://cbc.sh/AyTaDRd ” -- #Alamna.”

“Kalokah pala. Talagang Bina-block ang comments at status ng RA chuchu, no? Nakakalungkot. #NoToCyberCrimeLaw.”

‘Social media warfare’

Several netizens launched “open social media warfare” on the government as Republic Act 10175 or the anti-cybercrime law took effect on Wednesday.

Just a few hours ago, members of the Anonymous hacktivist group launched distributed denial of service attacks on several Philippine government websites, making them inaccessible.

Aside from criminalizing libel, the anti-cybercrime law authored by Senator Edgardo Angara and signed by President Benigno Aquino III also allows warrantless monitoring of Internet and telecom users, as well as authorizes the Department of Justice to block any website without court review.