'Glee' character's favorite color is 'Filipino'


Posted at Sep 28 2012 11:55 PM | Updated as of Sep 29 2012 07:34 PM

MANILA, Philippines -- The archetypal "dumb blonde" of the American hit musical-TV show "Glee" has a few words to say about Filipinos, her favorite color.

Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce. Image courtesy of
Glee's official website

In the latest episode of the hit series, which aired Friday in the Philippines, the character of Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) is seen preparing for her campaign to become Student Council president of the fictional William McKinley High School.

A member and later the captain of the school's cheerleading squad, Brittany is characterized on the show as someone who excels in performing, but is challenged in terms of academics.

The latest of the character's wide array of "dumb" and hilariously random lines mention Filipinos for their values and admirable traits, which immediately became the topic of some Filipino netizens on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

In "Makeover," the third episode of the series' fourth season, the following exchange between Brittany and the character Artie (Kevin McHale) is shown:

Artie, who is assisting Brittany in her preparation for the school election campaign, asks her: "Brittany, what is your favorite color?"

"Filipino," Brittany says. "They are very hard workers and family is very important to them."

Brittany's apparent admiration for Filipinos isn't the first "Glee" has made a Pinoy connection.

It can be recalled that Filipina singing sensation Charice portrayed Sunshine Corazon in the second season of the show, where a number of references to Filipino culture were made.

Outside of the show, "American Idol" runner-up Jessica Sanchez, who is of Filipino descent, was also briefly rumored to be joining the cast of the show's fourth season.

A series regular, actor Darren Criss, has also been vocal of his being half-Filipino.