Exclusive: Q&A with Adam Levine


Posted at Sep 17 2012 08:54 PM | Updated as of Sep 18 2012 04:54 AM

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine

MANILA, Philippines – Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine met with the media and his fans on Monday, ahead of his band’s one-night concert at the Araneta Coliseum on September 18.

In an exclusive, one-on-one interview with ABS-CBN News reporter Gretchen Fullido, Levine talked about his experience on "The Voice," his upcoming concert, his endorsement for local apparel brand Bench and why he loves his Filipino fans.


Gretchen Fullido (GF): Welcome back. It’s your third time to come back to the Philippines. You have such a huge following and every time you come back, there’s such warm welcome.

Adam Levine (AL): Yeah it’s crazy. What’s cool about Twitter is that you can see internationally who loves the band and where and if anyone’s gonna come [to the concert] and stuff. The Philippines is just probably the best and has the most supportive fans internationally. It’s always cool to come back here.

GF: It’s your third time but then again all your concerts have been sold out. I think it’s been a month since your concert has been sold out. You should have a day 2.

AL: I know. If we had time, we would.

GF: Any memorable experiences from your past visits to the Philippines?

AL: You know I think it’s one of those things where certain places stick out and specifically the Philippines and Indonesia -- in Indonesia, in Jakarta, we were there too -- it was the same thing. We just felt this love from everybody that was really intense. Some of the best shows we’ve ever had. Everyone is so passionate and excited. A lot of countries especially in Southeast Asia, everyone is very polite. Here, everyone is not afraid to have fun and scream and that’s what we like, to feel that energy, so it’s great.

GF: Do you remember any Filipino words that you’ve learned or foods that you've tried here?

AL: It’s hard. The food is amazing. It’s hard. I got to learn. It seems like I got some phrases today but I’m not gonna try to say them. ‘Mahal ko kayo,’ I did that one today, perfectly.

GF: “Payphone” is such a big hit and “Moves Like Jagger.” Tomorrow, what are we expecting from your concert?

AL: Crazy, much longer than in the concerts that we’ve done in the past, more songs, a lot of new songs, just a great show. We are really excited about it. We get excited at every tour but each tour, we like to outdo ourselves. It’s gonna be awesome.

GF: Aside from the concert, you are also endorsing one of the biggest clothing brands in the country. How do you feel to be part of that family?

AL: I’m wearing them. Check it out.

GF: I heard you had a photoshoot, how was it?

AL: It was great, it was actually really, really cool. I love the clothes. I want to steal a lot of them. It’s nice to be simple and basic. That’s the kind of thing that I like. It was a blast. Great shots, the photos were coming out amazingly well and I’m really happy to be part of the family.

GF: Congratulations. “The Voice” is such a big hit here in the Philippines. How does it feel to be part of a reality show that discovers the next big thing?

AL: Awesome. “The Voice” kind of changed my life and it made me really excited about music and I love it. I love to watch people sing, especially live in the studio. I love everybody on the show. I love the rest of the guys and gals. It’s just been so much fun. It’s honestly been an incredible experience.

GF: A lot of people say, you drew inspiration from “Moves Like Jagger.” How do you really dance that song? Can you show us how to dance that?

AL: I don’t really dance to that song. I just flop around and act like an idiot. I don’t know if I’m much of a dancer but you got to move a little bit, you got to have a rhythm. That’s all you need?

GF: Are you also excited that you’re doing the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend?

AL: Yes. That will be so much fun. I can’t wait to do that.

GF: Message to your Filipino fans who are so excited to see you guys again?

AL: We love you guys. Wherever you are, thank you for supporting us. It’s fun being here -- so far from home but still feeling all this love.

GF: Is there something crazy that a fan did for you from the past shows here in the Philippines, something that you remember?

AL: Crazy? Nothing too crazy. I think when we got the airport here for the first time, it was pretty intense. We’ve had a lot of success as a band but this was all... you know, people were all excited. It’s almost kind of scary because they were aggressive. But it was fun. It was cool just to see how much they love the band. We have never been here before.

GF: If you would dedicate a song to the Filipinos, what would it be?

AL: "Daylight." It’s my favorite song in the album and it’s a very inspirational song. I love it very much.