Self-defense for women: Protection against rape, assault


Posted at Sep 14 2011 12:34 PM | Updated as of Sep 14 2011 08:55 PM

Krav Maga Philippines chief instructor Dindo de Jesus and assistant instructor Kitin Flores demonstrate a self-defense technique.

MANILA, Philippines - Across the globe, women are among the most common victims of physical and sexual violence.

But it's not just about the suspects -- parents, guardians and friends also play a crucial role in empowering women and helping them stay away from situations which can lead to rape, sexual harassment, and physical or bodily harm.

According to parenting and relationship expert Maribel Dionisio, women who know how to assert themselves and are street smart are less likely to be caught in compromising situations.

"Kaya 'pag 'yung tingin ng tao may kumpiyansa 'yan, 'di 'yan gagalawin (If people think she's strong and she believes in herself, no one will touch her)," Dionisio said in an earlier interview.

Aside from developing self-confidence, women should also know how to choose the "right" friends -- whether on the Internet or in real life -- to lower the possibility of being raped or taken advantage of.

Dionisio also encouraged women to take self-defense classes, or give them pepper sprays and other gadgets so they can protect themselves from criminals and other bad influences.

"Tulungan natin silang umamoy ng good company at bad company (Let's help them know the difference between good and bad company)," Dionisio said.

'Dangerous grabs'

Dindo de Jesus, chief instructor of Krav Maga Philippines (KMP), believes that women "must be confident in their ability to protect themselves."

This as several instances of gang rape and other crimes against women have been reported by local media over the past months.

KMP encouraged women to attend "Dangerous Grabs," a self-defense seminar exclusive to females, so they can learn how to stay away from danger. The seminar will be held on September 17 (Saturday) at the Krav Maga gym in San Juan City.

Here, de Jesus and assistant instructor Kitin Flores will teach the following techniques:

  • striking
  • inside defense against a straight punch
  • outside defense against a roundhouse punch
  • outside defense against knife attack
  • release from various hand and arm grabs from standing position
  • release from hair grabs
  • defenses from grabbing and simultaneous attack
  • escape from hand and arm grabs from the ground

"Every woman should be properly trained in self-defense," de Jesus said.

Krav Maga is a practical and tactical system developed in Israel that teaches how to prevent, deal and overcome all kinds of attacks. It is slowly gaining popularity in many parts of the world, including the Philippines.

General principles of Krav Maga include counterattacking, targeting a person's most vulnerable points such as the eyes and throat, and neutralizing an opponent as quickly as possible.

Certificates will be given to those who have completed the seminar. For more information about "Dangerous Grabs," call (632) 726-5021.