Pia Cayetano: I still passionately believe in love


Posted at Sep 11 2012 02:22 AM | Updated as of Sep 11 2012 11:03 PM

Senator Pia Cayetano with son Lucas
MANILA, Philippines - Senator Pia Cayetano says she still believes in love and in meeting the man she'll spend the rest of her life with.

Cayetano, who has been separated for 8 years now and is in the process of getting an annulment, told Ces Oreña-Drilon on ANC's "Pipol" that she always believed that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage.

"Which is precisely why I got married thinking I had an open mind, that I was mature and not expecting marriage to make my life the most beautiful thing in the world," she said.

"And yet, apparently, there [are] still lessons to be learned later in life," she added.

This has taught Cayetano, a mother to 3 children, not to rush into a relationship.

"My concept now is I still am a passionate believer in love. That is still a challenge so, I'm being careful. I'm going slowly," she said.

"I think it's easy to fall in love but to stay in love and to respect and honor, support each other, is the challenge," she added.

"I still know that that person will come for me. That is the exciting phase. It's a journey," she said.

Cayetano said she is not keen on falling for someone quickly.

"Not that I put my standard higher, but that I won't lower it and I won't try to fulfill a need, an emptiness and ache just because of my orientation from my past na may boyfriend, then may asawa," she said.

"The clincher there is I asked God, 'Give me a man' and he sent me a 9-month-old baby boy, who is the love of my life," she said, referring to Rene Lucas, a toddler whom she recently adopted.

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