How important are hotel reviews to travelers


Posted at Sep 04 2014 05:42 PM | Updated as of Sep 05 2014 01:42 AM

MANILA - Do hotel reviews matter to travelers?

Hotel booking website released on Wednesday the results of its latest Travel Smarts Survey, which show how important hotel reviews are to travelers when choosing their accommodation.

The survey, which was conducted in March 2014 and asked 65,000 users across the globe, showed that business travelers spend the least amount of time comparing hotels before making their booking, as opposed to non-business travelers (families with children, solo travelers and couples).

Forty-three percent of business travelers said hotel reviews did not play a significant part in choosing where to stay, versus 38% for all other traveler types.

Among business travelers, Filipinos are most likely to rely on hotel reviews, with 80% of them saying these are important. This was followed by Indians (68%), Chinese (66%), Malaysians (64%) and Vietnamese (62%) business travelers.

On the other hand, business travelers who are least likely to rely on hotel reviews come from Japan, with 59% of respondents saying these do not matter. Other business travelers who find hotel reviews irrelevant come from Australia (53%), France (51%), United Kingdom (46%) and United States (39%).

Meanwhile, 77% of non-business travelers said they would not book a hotel that did not have any reviews.