#AskBarbie: How do I redesign my house without breaking the bank?

By Barbie Salvador

Posted at Sep 01 2014 08:09 PM | Updated as of Sep 09 2014 12:58 AM

We spend a great deal of our time inside our homes. It’s our place to bond with the people we love, to ponder about life and feel inspired. However, as years go by, we tend to forget about how our homes look. Remember: homey does not have to be shabby. And home redesign does not have to be expensive.

So, just like changing our wardrobes as seasons change, we must redesign our houses as well to shake things up, change our perspectives and find new inspirations.

For this week’s question, we are helped by one of Philippines’ up and coming licensed interior designers and stylists, Mikka Pangilinan.

She shares five simple tips on how to freshen up the home without spending too much.

1. Add color to your ceiling

You've often heard of putting up an accent color to your walls, but a fresh alternative to it is by placing color to your ceiling instead. Try colors like coral red, turquoise or yellow to give your neutral or white space a fresh update.

2. Rearrange your furniture

Rearranging the layout of your existing furniture is one way of freshening up the look of your home without the added cost. That sofa that's been against the wall? Try positioning it at a 45 degree angle together with your coffee table to spice things up or use it as a divider to separate two areas.

3. Group similar or complimentary hued home accessories

Try grouping some of your home accessories, antiques or knick knacks in the same or complimenting hue together for that magazine-like styling.

4. Switch lighting bulb colors

Create that homey glow and change those drab and unflattering white lights to a warm white color. You can also play with more daring colored lighting without making it look tacky by using it as an accent color such as underneath your bathroom or kitchen counters.

5. Go green

A touch of green from plants always give life to any space. Something simple as a large leaf on a clear glass can do wonders.

To consult about home design and decoration, contact IDr. Mikka P. Pangilinan.


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