Russell Brand, Ginger Spice bond over yoga


Posted at Aug 30 2012 01:46 PM | Updated as of Sep 03 2012 07:03 PM

Actor Russell Brand and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, who began dating after performing at the Olympics Closing Ceremony earlier this month, have bonded over their healthy lifestyles.

While the couple love doing yoga together, they also share a common goal of clean living following years of partying.

A source told RadarOnline: “Russell and Geri bonded over the fact that there’s more to life than drinking.

“Back in the '90s the pair partied for England. Their drunken escapades were well documented and there wasn’t a day where they weren’t pictured staggering out of a hip London venue. But now they like nothing more than shunning the fancy clubs and bars.

“They have cleaned up their lifestyles, both are avid Yogis and don’t touch a drop of alcohol.

“Geri has her six-year-old daughter Bluebell to consider, while Russell has been sober for almost 10 years and has risen to the top clean and knows if he did drink he would be right back where he started.”

Friends of Russell claim one of the reasons his marriage to singer Katy Perry failed was because she enjoys partying and he found it difficult to be surrounded by those who didn’t share his healthy lifestyle.

The source added: “That was why it was so tough for him when he was married to Katy. He would avoid any after-parties because he didn’t want to be surrounded by people who were drinking around him.

“Russell and Geri are at the same place with their lives and they want to settle and enjoy themselves.”

Doing yoga

The couple, sources said, have developed a "spiritual connection" thanks to their shared hobby and particularly enjoy practicing asana, the mastery of sitting still, together.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Geri has said they have a spiritual connection through yoga and they practice asana together.

"Russell is known for action between the sheets but he is actually very good at just sitting still in silence.

"It is something that has acted as a bond for he and Geri as their relationship blossoms."

First date

For their first date, the couple shared a romantic picnic on London's Hampstead Heath just days after they both performed at the Olympics Closing Ceremony and onlookers revealed the pair couldn't keep their hands off each other.

A source said: "Geri and Russell were being very open about everything, there was no attempt to hide the fact that they were on a date.

"There was lots of giggling, eye contact and touching as they sat together near a couple of trees.

"They looked like they had known each other for years - and the relationship was obviously more than just friendly."

The couple were recently spotted on another date, when they took Halliwell's six-year-old daughter Bluebell to London's Hampton Court Palace.

Before embarking on a relationship with Halliwell, Brand -- whose divorce from Perry was finalized last month -- was dating Isabella Brewster after meeting her at a yoga class.


Meanwhile, a friend of the 37-year-old Brand claimed the comedian is serious about the 40-year-old Spice Girl and doesn’t care who knows about it.

The pal explained: “He really doesn’t mind who knows, because he’s serious about her.

“He has fancied Geri for years, so this is almost like fulfilling a lifelong dream for him.”

The couple were spotted on another date at the weekend, when they took Bluebell to London’s Hampton Court Palace.

The "Rock of Ages" actor reportedly dumped Brewster after falling for Halliwell while the pair were rehearsing for the London Olympics Closing Ceremony.

A friend of Brand told The Sun newspaper: "Things are getting very serious between them -- they're a proper couple now. They had met several times in the past but really got to know each other during the Olympics.

"People thought Russell was joking at the time when he said he had a crush on Geri all over again, but it was true.

"They just clicked -- they have so much in common. He is spending so much time in London just to be with her."

Another friend revealed he dumped Brewster because of Halliwell.

The pal explained: "He ended his relationship with Isabella and is now dating Geri properly."

When the pair was spotted on a romantic date at Hampton Court Palace, fellow visitor Greg Oram said: "I thought it was the most random thing ever to see Russell Brand of all people in a place like that -- until my wife pointed out that he was with a Spice Girl.

"They seemed like they were having a really great time, holding hands and chatting -- it was 100% obvious they were a couple.

"Geri was holding his hand the same way I hold my wife's, it was so cute." -- Bang Showbiz