#AskBarbie: How to dress up for my body type

By Barbie Salvador

Posted at Aug 25 2014 06:49 PM | Updated as of Sep 01 2014 12:01 AM

Beauty comes in various shapes – triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass and round. Knowing about your body type is crucial in choosing fashion silhouettes that is best suited for you.

Triangle / Pear-shape

Women who have a triangle body type (also called pear-shape) have hips larger than their bust. Waists are also usually well-defined and shoulders are narrow. But even if the “twerk generation” considers big derrieres sexy, one must still be careful about dressing up so as to avoid looking too big.

Key to balance: accentuate your waist and downplay your hips.

No to:
*Harem pants, flare pants and A-line skirts that make your bottom half look much bigger.
*White or printed bottoms that draw more attention to your large legs.

Yes to:
*Pencil cut skirts and dresses that define your sexy figure.
*Blazers and dark, straight cut pants tandem also help you balance your look



Rectangular body shape is often considered boyish because it lacks the sexy female S-curve. Measurements around the chest, waist and hips are almost the same. Without any of these standing out, there is very little definition to the figure. But if you have this figure, you have more freedom to play around with fashion, much like how an artist can do so much with a blank slate.

Key to balance: Add volume in your upper or lower half to give an illusion of curves.

No to: Pencil cut, plain tube dresses that amplify how straight your body is.

Yes to:

*A-line, full skirts and flare pants that give your bottom half volume.
*Patterns and embellishments that add volume to your chest, bottom or waist area.


Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle body shape means you have either a large bust and/or broad shoulders that measure more than your waist and hips. If your body type is like that of Joey Mead, then you are lucky because broad shoulders are considered modelesque and fashionable. If you have the body type like that of Kate Upton, then you are also lucky because most (if not all) men (and even women) consider big breasts as very sexy. Knowing this, you have very little to worry about.

Key to balance: Draw attention to your lower half.

No to: Styles that make your shoulders extend outward, i.e. puff sleeves, cap sleeves

Yes to:
*Pants and skirts that add volume to your lower half.
*Horizontal stripe pattern for your skirts
*Peplum Tops that give you an illusion of hips



Big boobs. Big hips. Small waist. Oh the much-coveted hourglass figure that many consider the epitome of a sexy female body. If you are blessed with this body type, all you need to do is make sure your waist is defined to avoid looking big all over.


Key to balance: Accentuate the waist to emphasize the hourglass figure.

No to: Baggy clothes and shift dresses that don’t give definition.

Yes to: Almost everything! Fitted sheath dresses are the best. Just don’t forget to define your waist.



Round or apple body type

If you find that you store fat more around your stomach than your hips or legs, then you have a round body type. The good news is that round body types usually have very beautiful legs.

Key to balance: Accentuate your legs! Use colors and patterns to add


No to: Stripes, big prints and whites

Yes to: Kimono tops, short shorts, high-low skirts, color blocking and V-necks.


About the author: Filipina beauty queen, writer and media personality Barbie Salvador believes that fashion, fitness and lifestyle are vital life aspects that are not only fun and enjoyable, but are tools every Filipino needs to reach one’s peak potential.

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