Couple has 20 weddings (and counting) around the world


Posted at Aug 21 2012 05:12 PM | Updated as of Aug 22 2012 05:12 PM

Pelling and Grant's first wedding in England. Photo from

MANILA, Philippines – Here is a couple who does not seem to get tired of exchanging “I do’s.”

Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant, based in Manchester, England, have gotten married 22 times in different parts of the world. They aim to have 30 wedding ceremonies by next year.

So far, they have tied the knot in the most unlikely places, from a marketplace in Seattle to a drive-through area in Las Vegas.

They have also dressed up as vampires during their wedding in Hollywood. Other odd themes include horseback riding, Mayans and magical jade seahorses.

Pelling and Grant dress up as vampires in a wedding in Hollywood. Photo from

Pelling and Grant have also gotten married in Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and a place they called the “center of the world,” among others.

On their website, the two said they sold their possessions to they can travel the world via their 24-year-old camper van named “Peggy” and get married in each place they visit.

They also received help from different companies to secure the venue, reception, entertainment and food.

Pelling and Grant in a traditional wedding ceremony in Guatemala. Photo from

“The trip is planned for two years, so at this rate it looks like we will end up having more than 30 ceremonies,” Pelling said.

They added that they will choose their favorite place and go back there to “officially tie the knot.”

Meanwhile, Pelling and Grant said they are running a competition with Zankyou and UNICEF to help fly two people to their final destination wedding.