Can't get Chicken Joy? Try these instead


Posted at Aug 11 2014 07:36 PM | Updated as of Aug 12 2014 11:56 PM

MANILA – Last week, several Filipinos lamented the lack of supply of the famous Chicken Joy fried chicken in Jollibee outlets in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

Jollibee explained that the reason behind this was a major systems upgrade, and not a supply issue. Either way, the public is not happy with the idea of not getting their fried chicken fix.

To those who have yet to satisfy their Chicken Joy cravings, don’t fret – there are plenty of affordable alternatives here in Metro Manila.

Here are some of them:

Andok’s Dokito Frito

Andok’s Dokito Frito. Photo from Andok’s website

Andok’s may be popular for its lechon manok, but its Dokito Frito also has its own following because of its extra crispy skin and tender meat. You can order one piece with rice or bring home an entire batch for your family and friends – or all to yourself.

Chowking’s Chinese-style fried chicken

Chowking’s lauriat with Chinese-style fried chicken. Photo from Chowking’s Facebook page

If you are incredibly loyal to Jollibee despite failing to get a bucket of Chicken Joy, you may want to head to its half-Chinese sibling, Chowking, for your fried chicken fix.

Although a bit on the oily side, Chowking’s Chinese-style fried chicken is fun to eat and does not skimp on flavor. Order an extra serving of rice – or even pork siomai, while you’re at it – and you’re good to go.

Korean-style fried chicken

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. Photo: Handout

If you’re looking for crunch and flavor, Korean-style fried chicken always delivers. Double-fried and coated with a special sauce, this tasty and addictive treat can be enjoyed with pretty much anything, or even on its own.

Metro Manila is now home to many Korean-style fried chicken joints led by Bonchon and 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. The newest player here is South Korea’s Kyochon, which opened its first branch at SM Megamall.

Manang’s Chicken

Manang’s Chicken. Photo from Manang’s Facebook page

Looking for fried chicken that has unmistakably Pinoy flavors? Manang’s Chicken may be your best bet. Coated with a sweet-spicy glaze and topped with sesame seeds, Manang’s fried chicken offerings hit the spot without leaving a hole in your pocket.

And just like Chicken Joy, Manang’s offers both value meal and bucket options to meet different budgets.

Tropical Hut’s fried chicken

Tropical Hut’s fried chicken. Photo by Karen Flores,

Perhaps the closest thing to Chicken Joy that you can have in Manila is Tropical Hut’s fried chicken, which similarly has a very crispy skin and juicy, flavorful meat.

While Tropical Hut is known for its burgers, its fried chicken is also worth a second look. Some even went as far as saying that Tropical Hut’s fried chicken is even better than Chicken Joy. The best way to find out if that’s true is to try it yourself.

Uncle John’s fried chicken at Ministop

Uncle John’s fried chicken. Photo from Ministop’s Facebook page

If your main considerations are convenience and budget, Uncle John’s fried chicken at Ministop will hit all the right buttons. While it pales in comparison to Chicken Joy, Uncle John’s fried chicken is tasty enough to satisfy your cravings.

It’s big, salty, crunchy and cheap – just how convenience store fried chicken is supposed to be. Order two pieces with rice and a drink to complete the experience.


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