Sexy Carmi Martin opens up on being born again

By Kathy Solis, ABS-CBN Corporate Communication

Posted at Aug 09 2014 01:02 PM | Updated as of Aug 11 2014 07:15 PM

“I encountered God through dreams," says the former actress

MANILA - Actress Carmi Martin’s first “close” encounter with God was during the height of her career, when she would always be seen strutting her stuff onstage wearing her colorful “tangas” with back-up dancers in tow, singing and dancing to the latest 80s tunes.

Carmi Martin in a promotional image for the 2011 drama series 'My Lover, My Wife'

She was a beautiful and talented model, actress and sex symbol of her time who led an interesting, controversial life.

Addressing the ABS-CBN Fellowship attendees last July 31, Carmi said, “’Di ba ‘di niyo ako naririnig sa ‘The Buzz’? This is because I am very private. Hindi ako sanay to share my life. But as Chit (Guerrero) said, there will always be a first time so here I am.” She said she took this bold step to inspire others.

Carmi Martin with Roderick Paulate. File Photo

On the night after her very first Bible study led by her voice coach for “Tonight With Dick & Carmi,” she saw herself in a desert where she felt very thirsty. She encountered this man wearing a long white clothing with sun rays coming out of him, even upon the opening of his mouth. He uttered the words, “Do not be afraid. You will never be thirsty again if you put your trust in me.”

That encounter made her realize how much of a sinner she was for putting her confidence and identity in her material possession, her signature bags, her projects, her physical beauty, and the cars she drove.

She hungered more of God but still continued in with her old ways of getting into wrong relationships and putting her trust in herself and what she had that time.

In her second dream years after, she saw heaven opening up and Jesus coming down from the skies as her relatives who passed away stood up from heaven and looked down on earth.

Carmi, in her dream, was in her condo where she tried to speak and get Jesus’ attention. With all her might, she tried to open her sliding door to talk to Jesus who was speaking some words. He kept on talking but she couldn't hear Him and vice-versa as there were chains clasped on her doors that couldn’t be opened.

Upon waking up, she found herself crying and decided to surrender the rest of her life to the Lord, “I don't want to die in my sins. I don't want to be left behind.” That year, she seriously committed her life to God and began a strong bond of lordship with her Savior.

Today, she describes herself as a woman deeply committed to God. At age 51, she said that she really longed for a husband earlier on in life but has already submitted her future to God, trusting fully that if it is not part of His will, then she shall obey.

Aside from acting, she instead found a new love which is interior designing and love for the Word of God which she reads for more than an hour each day, lessons which she posts on her public account on Facebook. She also teaches the Bible to kids.

According to her, “You can be complete even if you’re single. Being single but living your life for Christ is not a sad and humiliating state but a real blessing!”

She further shared that as we are all unique, God speaks to each of us in a language that we shall understand. Just like Joseph from the Bible, God spoke to Carmi in her dreams. It is said that He speaks to some by showing up in their dream as they can’t grasp the message through people simply sharing this to them.