SLIDESHOW: After the deluge, Filipinos stand up again


Posted at Aug 10 2012 12:20 AM | Updated as of Aug 15 2012 03:22 AM

The massive clean-up after the deluge begins.

After almost two weeks of torrential rains brought by a storm-enhanced southwest monsoon left 60% of Metro Manila under water, sunshine finally appeared on Thursday.

The freak weather, which dumped an average of 300 mm of rain for 11 consecutive days, is matched only by the intensity of tropical storm "Ondoy" (international name: Ketsana) which wrought havoc on large parts of Metro Manila almost three years ago.

But the similarity does not end there, nor is it lost on residents victimized by the floods twice over.

The slower but more prolonged heavy downpour allowed affected residents to better react this time, resulting in fewer deaths of 49 (as of August 9) compared to 300 in Metro Manila during Ondoy.

But the impact is the same for those affected by the deluge as they now face the enormous task of rebuilding from the little they have left.

President Aquino toured affected areas on Thursday and saw first hand the devastation by another great flood. The government, too, is in a fix as public infrastructure damaged by the flood has to be rebuilt, further stretching its budget.

In nearby provinces of central Luzon, however, floods remain and the difficult task of rebuilding has to be put on hold.