Americans also want McDonald's twister fries


Posted at Aug 08 2012 01:04 PM | Updated as of Aug 08 2012 10:31 PM

McDonald's Twister Fries shown in this publicity photo from the McDo Facebook page.

MANILA, Philippines -- It's not just the news about the devastating floods in Metro Manila that has been picked up by foreign media.

The website Huffington Post carried's story about the return of McDonald's Philippines' product "Twister Fries" which, it seems, is not available in the United States.

"There's no denying McDonald's sets the gold standard when it comes to straight fried potato-ey goodness, but are they ready to seize the short and curly market as well? Apparently so, but only in the Philippines," the website said in its Foodbeast blog.

"Would love to see if these ever make it to the United States," it added.

The short feature elicited envious comments from the website's readers.

"Curly fries at McDonalds? I'm down! =) I was craving some curly fries the other day. So this article kind of excited me until I read the whole article," wrote Brianna Leonard.

"Why don't they try them here in America? I have always enjoyed curly fries," wrote jbkorn02.

An irate Joe1 wrote: "I only clicked on this article to complain about misleading articles for food products made in countries that 99% of HP readers don't live in. Stop. You get everyone's hopes up with this nonsense. I knew it would be the case the first time I read the headline."

Apparently, only the fast-food chain Arby's offers curly fries in the US.

"If they do I hope they are better or as just as good as Arby's cause they have the best curly fries," wrote redsoxfan132.

"... and this my friend is what we call an outsourced MickeyD product, only from the #1outsourcing country in the world," wrote Francis Paran.