Metro Manila floods linked to Bible verse?

By Ivy Jean Vibar,

Posted at Aug 07 2012 10:29 PM | Updated as of Aug 08 2012 06:48 PM

MANILA, Philippines -- Flood-related topics trended on microblogging site Twitter on Tuesday as Filipinos worried about non-stop rains and massive flooding that plagued Metro Manila and surrounding areas.

Social media became a virtual lifeline on Tuesday as some Filipinos tweeted requests for help to government officials and agencies while some gave useful information about flooded areas or emergency contact numbers.

Meanwhile, “Genesis 8:7-12” became the top trending topic locally and worldwide on Twitter Tuesday night as some netizens pointed to the uncanny coincidence between the date, August 8, 2012, and the Bible passage about the Noah's Ark and the flood. In the Bible story, Jehovah sent a flood to cleanse the world of sinners.

The Bible passage talks about Noah sending a raven and a dove to find out if floods had receded after 150 days in the Ark. It ends with the dove's failure to return to Noah, signaling that there was already dry land on the earth.

Many netizens say that it is a coincidence that Tuesday’s date, August 7, 2012, can also be written as 8/7/12.

Many were panicked by the passage.

“Check out the bible, Genesis 8:7-12.... (Noah'sArc) THE FLOOD IS on August 8. :((((( SCARY MUCH BRO,” said @MyNameIsJigo.

Others, meanwhile, expressed a different view.

“Magandang balita nmn un nsa bible ng Genesis 8:7-12 Yun yun araw na natuyo na ang lupa at ligtas na ang lahat,” tweeted @holyjad.

“Oh, speculating about Genesis 8:7-12 & 8-7-12. Will this help pipz afectd by d floods? NO! God promised Noah he wouldn't flood d earth again,” said @kevinraychua.

“#Genesis 8:7-12 Chill people...not going to happen!!!” posted @__MissLauren, who is from Chicago.

Some also tweeted that people should not make much of the coincidence.

“Bakit nyo ba kinoconnect yung Genesis 8:7-12 sa bagyo ngayun?Wag nyo ngang gawing fengshui ang Bible! :/” said @nonocool.

Some netizens, however, were baffled by the trend.

“@toyomansi what is this Genesis 8:7-12 conspiracy? Is there some big flood coming of biblical proportions that I wasn't told about? #leftout,” tweeted @quixotic_gal.