Waterless urinals: No flush required


Posted at Jul 28 2010 11:38 AM | Updated as of Jul 28 2010 07:39 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A new type of urinal no longer requires flushing, saving a lot of water.

Invented by German engineer Ditmar Gorges, the waterless urinal employs a plastic cartridge filled with a biodegradable liquid sealant to trap all the sewer gases and odors.

The cartridge, valued at $40, needs to be replaced after 7,000 uses, reported Wired.com. (Read story here.)


A waterless urinal manufactured by Falcon Waterfree Technologies, where Gorges works. Credit: Falconwaterfree.com.


Water is no longer needed for flushing since urine is already liquid, Gorges explained. Aside from saving water, he said his invention is more hygienic than the traditional urinals since there's no extra moisture used, leaving less room for bacteria to breed.

About 200,000 of these waterless urinals have been reportedly installed worldwide, including the Taj Mahal in India.

A traditional urinal uses up to a gallon or 3.8 liters of water for each flush, a huge amount considering that there are about 55 million of them around the world. -- With reports from ANC and Wired.com.