Crispy pata among 'must-try fried foods before you die'


Posted at Jul 17 2014 04:30 PM | Updated as of Jul 18 2014 12:30 AM

MANILA – Two offerings from Filipino restaurants in the United States were included in a list of “25 Fried Foods You Have To Try Before You Die” compiled by the popular social news and entertainment website BuzzFeed.

In the article by Candace Lowry and Christian Zamora published on July 16, the crispy pata from Ruby’s Fast Food in Chicago, Illinois was given a “grease rating” of “3 1/2 out of 5 fryers.”

A well-loved Filipino dish in the Philippines, crispy pata is deep-fried pork leg that is usually served with a soy-vinegar dip.

“This Filipino restaurant slowly deep-fries a pork leg to a beautiful crispy brown. Because of how long it takes to prepare and cook the dish, you have to order it a day ahead of time, and it’s worth the wait,” BuzzFeed said of Ruby’s crispy pata.

While it uses American ingredients, the second dish that made it to BuzzFeed’s list is a recipe from a popular Filipino restaurant in New York.

Maharlika’s spam fries was given a rating of “2 out of 5 fryers” when it comes to its level of grease.

“The canned meat is so much more than everything but the oink. These salty treats are dipped in tempura batter and fried to perfection. Spam’s making a comeback,” BuzzFeed said.

Getting a “grease rating” of “infinity” is the Hot Pocket Burger at PYT in Philadelphia, which was described as “a cheeseburger that uses deep-fried Hot Pockets as buns, aka a heart attack on a plate.”

Other dishes in BuzzFeed’s list include the Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburger which has the sugar-glazed donuts as buns, Fried Butter, Nutella Rice Ball, Fish and Chips and Ripper, or a deep-fried hotdog.

The Philippines has been getting a lot of attention lately from BuzzFeed, which ran a number of articles about the Southeast Asian country over the past months.

The social news and entertainment website has listed reasons to visit the Philippines, some Filipino dishes that “you need in your life,” and a video sampling some of the country’s popular street food items.