100% recycled printer, eco-friendly supplies now in the market

By Leilani Chavez, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Posted at Jul 12 2010 11:26 AM | Updated as of Jul 13 2010 08:51 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Going green is no longer an individual advocacy as offices can forward their environmental causes through Canon Marketing Philippines's latest market releases.

Famous for digital single lens reflex cameras (D-SLR), Canon has been manufacturing environment-friendly products for the last 30 years.

Last March, Canon officially unveiled a series of eco-friendly products in Japan followed by an Asian release in early April. By July, the imaging giant launched the GreenNation campaign.

"The time is ripe for environment-friendly products in the Philippines especially after Ondoy," EJ Pioquinto, Canon senior supervisor for the Business Imaging Solution Division, told abs-cbnNEWS.com during the launch of the company's GreenNation campaign on Thursday.

GreenNation includes an ink cartridge recycling program, among others. The ink cartridge recycling program encourages Canon PIXMA and Selphy users to drop their used ink cartridges to be recycled. (Read story here)

The program is expected to generate awareness on the company's thrust to produce, use, and recycle products.

"The success of taking care of the environment is not in the program, but on the people," Canon Chairman and CEO Alan Chng told the Manila press.

Copiers and printers

The new Canon printers are made of 100% recycled materials, Pioquinto explained.




"When we saw the new designs, our first reaction was that it had become "roboticized"; the body was in a lighter shade of gray instead of dirty white. But the color is a sign that it's made of recycled materials," Pioquinto added.

The exteriors are made of biomass plastic extracted from plants, aligned with Canon's promise to take care of the environment in the last 30 years.

But aside from the body, the new Canon printers are energy efficient.

The big machine uses approximately the same power as that of a microwave when it is operating, explained Pioquinto. It boasts of an automatic hibernation function and when at rest uses only 1 watt of energy.

"When we unveiled these machines last April, everyone could not believe these printers only use 1 watt of energy at rest. All the printers we came out with recently only uses 1 watt of energy," she said. "It reduces power use by 90%."

An additional plus: the new Image Runner Advance series perform faster than average printers, which lessen carbon emissions by around 30%. The laser beam printer, on the other hand, uses a photosensitive drum which reduces wasting toners.

Paper from eucalyptus

Made of eucalyptus plant, the eco-image paper is Canon's response to the highly-environmental polluting pulp and paper industry.

Eucalyptus is a "farmed" type of tree and is being outsourced by the imaging giant from other Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Manufactured in Singapore, the paper follows strict international standards on paper quality and management.

According to Pioquinto, the eco-image paper is solely offered to Canon buyers.

"When companies buy office supplies from us, we offer the paper," she said, adding that companies in Japan, where environment protection is taken seriously, prefer buying the eco-image paper.

Green calculator

Canon is also offering "green" calculators for office needs.

The calculator is made from 100% recycled plastics from Canon copiers. Some parts also came from camera lenses.

"We carefully select parts for recycling," Chng shared. "We recycle across product genres," he said, raising up a calculator.