Long lines for 5-inch tall burgers near La Salle


Posted at Jul 10 2012 04:04 PM | Updated as of Jul 11 2012 06:47 AM

Customers queue up for hours to get a bite of Zark's Jawbreaker burger. Photo from The LaSallian

MANILA, Philippines – Long lines of loyal patrons and curious customers occupied Taft Avenue over the weekend as they patiently waited for their turn to eat a five-inch tall burger.

Last July 7, Zark’s Burgers successfully held the first part of its seventh “Jawbreaker Day” named after its signature item -- a greasy five-inch tall triple-patty burger with Spam, bacon, tomatoes, greens and cheese sauce.

Originally priced at P250, the Jawbreaker was sold at P150 to 1,500 customers during the event.

Zark’s said some customers had to queue up for as long as seven hours to get a bite of the heart attack-inducing burger.

As a result, the restaurant came up with a ticketing system to prepare for the second round of the seventh Jawbreaker Day on Sunday, July 15.

Jawbreaker burgers served with fries. Photo from Zark's Facebook page

“To keep some order, we will sell tickets that indicate the timeslot and number, starting at 7 a.m. (July 15). First come, first served. One person can buy a maximum of five tickets,” it said on its Facebook page.

It has been part of Zark’s tradition to offer the Jawbreaker for free to anyone who can finish it with fries and iced tea in five minutes or less.

Currently, the record is being held by Charles “Dite” Diaz at three minutes and 20 seconds.

Charles "Dite" Diaz eating a Jawbreaker burger, which he finished in three minutes and 20 seconds. Photo from Zark's Facebook page

Heart attack on a bun

Despite the health risks that come with the burgers, Zark’s customers do not seem to mind.

Even on a regular day, the restaurant attracts droves of patrons to its small space along Taft Avenue, just across De La Salle University. It has opened a second branch in BF Homes, Parañaque.

Zark’s claims to serve the “greasiest burgers in Manila,” and is dubbed as a cardiologist’s worst nightmare.

Aside from the Jawbreaker, the restaurant serves high-calorie and high-cholesterol items such as “Thunder Mac N’ Cheese,” or burger topped with bacon and macaroni and cheese; “Jackhammer,” or burger stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella cheese; “Floyd Chicken Burger,” or burger topped with fried chicken skin and chili cheese sauce; and “Tombstone,” a two-pound, quadruple-patty burger with cheese.

Tombstone burgers served with fries. Photo from Zark's Facebook page

There is also the “Pepperoni Overload,” an attempt to fuse two popular fast food items; “Triple Double,” a quarter-pound patty with two cheese sandwiches, a chicken fillet, a hotdog, an egg and bacon strips; and “Luther Burger,” a double bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two sugar-glazed donuts.

For those who are “man enough,” Zark’s offers the “Greasylicious Burger,” which is deep-fried.

Luther Burger served with fries. Photo from Zark's Facebook page

Doctors have recommended a serving size for meat, which is a deck of cards three times a week.

The case is different for those who suffer from hypertension and heart disease, as this portion should be limited to once a week.

Department of Health Assistant Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag earlier stressed that monitoring one’s consumption of unhealthy foods like burgers is crucial as these may result in serious health risks, from obesity to stroke.