Why Erwan evades questions about Anne


Posted at Jul 09 2014 08:17 PM | Updated as of Jul 12 2014 12:26 AM

MANILA -- Restaurateur and food blogger Erwan Heussaff is not keen on answering questions about his girlfriend of four years, "Dyesebel" actress Anne Curtis, saying he would rather focus on his own passion and business.

Heussaff was asked by reporters about Curtis on Tuesday during a press event held by men's magazine Esquire Philippines, which features him on the cover for its July 2014 issue.

Asked which food he would compare Curtis to, Heussaff answered, laughing: "I never compare her to food. That would be a terrible thing to do."

He also shared Curtis' favorite dish of his when quizzed on the subject. "She likes roast chicken, things like that, meat pies, whatever's popular in Australia. That's what she grew up with, so that's what she likes," Heussaff said.

However, he became brief with words when the topic shifted to their relationship.

When he was asked about how they manage to spend time with each other considering their respective work schedules, Heussaff politely begged off to answer more questions about Curtis.

"It really doesn't... Work is work, like I said, so... Again, I don't want to answer too many questions about it," he said.

Heussaff went on to explain why he prefers not to talk about Curtis, when a reporter asked whether there is truth to speculation that their relationship is "on the rocks."

"No. It's... Again, this is why I don't want to answer questions about this, because it's so ridiculous. I have a different life in business and that's what I'd like to concentrate on and that's what I want people to know me for," he said.

In May, Heussaff took to Twitter to deny a report that he and Curtis have broken up, adding that his relationship "is mine to keep precious and not yours to devour."

'Showbiz is not for me'

Admittedly, Heussaff said he has yet to get used to the attention of having a sought-after actress for a girlfriend. "No, not at all, and it's not a bad thing. It (showbiz) is something I respect but it's not for me," he said.

"I like to do what I do, and as I said, everything that I always will do will always be food-, drink-related. So if ever Anne and I are working on a couple of shows, like in Singapore, in the region, it's always food-related -- cooking shows and stuff like that."

Aside from his blog and restaurants, the Filipino-French Heussaff is also a triathlete and has been active in sharing his weight loss story, having weighed 245 pounds at one point.

In addition to his four restaurants that are currently operating, Heussaff said he is planning to up a fifth in the next couple of months, and three more before the end of the year.

"It's terrible!" he said, of putting up and maintaining restaurants. "For me, it's one of the hardest jobs in the world, because it's very, very specific, very curated. It's a lot of little elements that need to go together perfectly, every day. And it has to be checked on every day. Every hour, every minute, something can happen. And you really treat it like your little baby, because you're responsible for it."

Heussaff added: "In my position, even when I'm not in the restaurant or if I'm traveling out of the country, if someone has a bad experience in my restaurant and they tweet about it, it's still my fault. It really is something very personal, it's something that... Before anyone goes into it, you really need to think if that's what they love to do."