Suzi Abrera shares tips for healthy lifestyle

By The WorkingMom Magazine Team

Posted at Jul 07 2014 05:04 PM | Updated as of Jul 08 2014 07:28 PM

Photography by JC Inocian courtesy of WorkingMom

MANILA -- Suzi Abrera is not only a mother of three, a wife and a television host –- she is also a paragon of healthy living. At this day and age, Suzi proves that being a career and family woman is possible without sacrificing oneself too much.

She shares to WorkingMom how she manages to fulfill her responsibilities and stay fit at the same time.

Even with her hectic schedule, she gets to squeeze in regular sessions at Barre 3, a demanding workout that combines the disciplines of yoga, ballet and Pilates into a one-hour class, which consists cardio, stretching and strength training. She further shares her fitness philosophy saying that it is all about balance.

“It’s a balance of eating healthy and sometimes treating yourself,” she says.

Maintaining this kind of lifestyle is not difficult for her considering the fact the she grew up with a very active childhood. She was not the video game and TV kind of kid, but she spent most of her time outdoors. She was a member of her school’s volleyball varsity team and an avid swimmer as well.

She and her husband Paolo are also into physical adventures like cliff jumping and scuba diving. According to her, these kinds of activities serve as their bonding time and help strengthen their relationship.

A family that works out together stays together. Suzi also finds ways to involve her daughters in physical activities such as biking, running and swimming.

In a world where misconceptions about being healthy exist, Suzi emphasizes her fitness mantra: it’s not just the way you look, but what you are capable of doing that counts.

“For me, strong really is the new sexy. Whatever shape you’re in, be confident that you’re strong. You’ve got your own power, you’ve got your own strength,” she adds.

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