Fashion Pulis: I don’t get why celebs fight back


Posted at Jul 06 2012 06:58 PM | Updated as of Jul 07 2012 09:25 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The man behind gossip blog Fashion Pulis made a television appearance on Friday, reacting to celebrities who defend themselves over blind items that he has posted.

In an interview on “@ANCALERTS,” Michael Sy Lim said he does not understand why local stars make an effort to lash at him via Twitter when he and his readers do not even post their names on his blog.

“I get that a lot,” said Lim, who is also a professor, events organizer and a businessman.

“I don’t get why they do that because it’s a blind item, right? If the tabloids write about them, they don’t react. But if I post something, they post something on Twitter, which puzzles me,” he added.

Lim, who started Fashion Pulis in February last year, said he is “very strict” when it comes to approving comments on blind items so that no name will be mentioned.

To date, the site has earned about 27 million views, with each entry gaining hundreds of comments.

“I’ll be liable for that,” he said about the comments. “I monitor them every day.”

Lim said he gets his gossip from friends, industry insiders and readers, and tries to verify them as much as he can.

If he is unable to do so, the man behind Fashion Pulis said he adds a disclaimer or posts the blind item as a question instead.

Asked why he has decided to show his face to the public unlike other bloggers who choose to remain anonymous, Lim said: “If you hide yourself, it means you are not credible.”

But of course, exposing himself also has its downside. “I try to avoid attending events. The more people I know, the less people I can write about,” he explained.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta recently turned to Twitter to defend herself against a blind item which she believes is about her.

Cuneta is reportedly reacting to a blog post on Fashion Pulis, which said that a show of a certain controversial host or “CH” has not improved its ratings after a month of airing.

“Nagtatrabaho lang naman po ako, hindi ko pa siya nami-meet kaya di ko alam kung sino ang nag-uutos/nagrerequst/nagbabayad sa kanya para laging ako ang favorite niyang i-blind item. Ang dami na niyang nasulat na di nangyari kasi di totoo. Di ko alam kung may source siya or ang special lang ng imagination niya. Or baka dream niya maging si Ricky Lo or Dolly Ann?” Cuneta said in one of her many tweets.