WATCH: Pinay asks for help to find 'guy on train'


Posted at Jul 01 2014 10:42 PM | Updated as of Jul 02 2014 07:28 AM

'She's the One' inspires real-life search for dream guy

MANILA - A video of a Filipina asking for help to find a man she saw on a train is making the rounds online.

In the one-minute clip, Harlene Azuela recalls seeing the man aboard the Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).

She says that while he caught her interest, she "unfortunately" did not make a move to get to know him.

"Guys, have you ever had the moment wherein you saw someone that catches your eye, but unfortunately, you didn't do anything about it? Well, it happened to me," she says in the video.

"I did experience it," Harlene adds, "and unfortunately, like most of us would, I didn't do anything about it. So this is me, doing something, and I need your help."

Harlene wants people to help to identify and find the mystery man, so she can "know if his personality is at par with his looks."

The video then cuts to a footage of the man, apparently taken by Harlene while they were inside a moving coach of the Singapore MRT.

A YouTube upload of the video, posted just last week, has already garnered over 68,000 views, as of writing.

Last June 26, Singapore-based website STOMP published a report on the viral clip, with readers commending Harlene's "bravery" for coming up with such a video.

While it only became viral now, Harlene's video was originally uploaded on her Facebook page last November 23. The post, following the online attention, has already been shared over 2,300 times on the social networking site.

"Due to insistent public demand I have decided to upload this paparazzi video (I was of course the paparazzi!) of a handsome guy inside the train at Singapore," she said in video's description.

"This video was inspired by Star Cinema's She's The One, so hashtag and share all you want let's see if it could happen in real life," Harlene added.

Released in October 2013, "She's the One" centers on a young man's (Enrique Gil) efforts to find a woman (Bea Alonzo) he saw fixing her car during a downpour. Using a video he took of "the girl in the rain," he launches the search online and eventually meets her.

It has yet to be seen, however, if the same will be the case for Harlene.

In 2007, a similar endeavor in New York made headlines. Illustrator Patrick Moberg launched a website called "New York Girl of My Dreams," where he detailed through a sketch his encounter with a woman on the subway.

Moberg eventually found the girl, Camille Hayton, with the help of fans of the website. The two dated but eventually broke up after two months, a report on Australia's Herald Sun said.