#AskBarbie: How to change lip color inexpensively

By Barbie Salvador

Posted at Jun 30 2014 07:44 PM | Updated as of Jul 07 2014 06:54 PM

Did you know that lipsticks are the most shoplifted cosmetic item? Probably because changing your lip color can instantly vamp up your look in a striking way. While I agree that lipsticks are indeed irresistible, I don’t encourage anyone to steal anything.

So how can you change your lip color without breaking the bank?

One solution is to get a shopping buddy. You each buy five lipstick shades and you both can share your purchases. De-pot your 10 new lippies into your individual lip palettes. This way, you both get to enjoy a wider collection for half the price. Also, a single palette is less bulky. So instead of carrying 10 lipsticks, you can easily fit and carry around your stash of lippies in your cute clutch bag. And because you have to use a lip brush, your lip color will stay much longer.

Alternatively, you can opt for more affordable lipstick brands. Apart from having to reapply them a tad bit more often, these brands are just as nice and pretty as their more expensive popular brands. MAC lipsticks start at about P1,000, but you can get Ever Bilena, In2it and Nichido items for a fraction of the price. It’s practically for a steal without actually stealing.

Here are my top picks for every day of the week:

Monday: Lucky Red

They say you should always start your week wearing red hues for good fortune. Go for a classic red color that goes well for both morenas and mestizas.
Splurge: MAC Red from MAC
Save: Lustful Red from In2it
Fashion statement: I’m beautiful but hardworking. I can wear strong colors well, just as I can hold important corporate jobs.

Tuesday: Au Naturale with a hint of pink

Contrast yesterday’s powerful red with a more natural lip color.
Splurge: Craving from MAC
Save: Siennas from Ever Bilena
Fashion statement: Au naturale or no-makeup makeup look means I am comfortable about my natural features.

Wednesday: Serious red

It’s midweek Wednesday and no day can mean “work mode on” more than today.
Splurge: Russian Red from MAC
Save: Love that Red from Ever Bilena
Fashion statement: Don’t bug me because today I mean business.

Thursday: Bold coral

Okay, I was a bit serious yesterday so time to be bit flirty with a shade that reminds us of sunny days.
Splurge: Lady Danger from MAC
Save: Scarlet from Ever Bilena
Fashion statement: Look at me, I’m serious but I have a fun side too.

Friday: Sophisticated Deep Red with a touch of purple

Thank God It’s Friday. The work week is (almost) over.
Splurge: Heart Hangover from MAC
Save: Cranberry from In2it
Fashion statement: I am so ready for a bottle of wine to cap off this stressful workweek.

Saturday: Fun and flirty hot pink

You worked all week so it’s time to have fun and flirt a bit.
Splurge: Schiap from NARS
Save: Ripe Plum from In2it
Fashion statement: Forget about work, let’s go clubbing!

Sunday: Playful and sweet

Hang onto the remaining hours of precious weekend. Go for a coffee or movie date or maybe finally meet his family.
Splurge: Flat out fabulous from MAC
Save: Rogue blossom from Nichido
Fashion statement: I’m all glammed up but I’m still girlfriend/wife material after all.

About the author: Filipina beauty queen, writer and media personality Barbie Salvador believes that fashion, fitness and lifestyle are vital life aspects that are not only fun and enjoyable, but are tools every Filipino needs to reach one’s peak potential.

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