Is Toothless a younger Godzilla?

by David Dizon,

Posted at Jun 17 2014 10:17 PM | Updated as of Jun 18 2014 07:19 AM

MANILA - Is "How to Train Your Dragon 2" the secret origin of Godzilla?

For this theory to work, you'd have to watch both "How To Train Your Dragon 2" and "Godzilla." (Read our reviews here and here.) It's okay, we'll be waiting right here.

Once you've watched both movies, you'll notice a couple of similarities.

1. Toothless and Godzilla are both dragons.

2. Both of them have atomic breath.

3. Both are essentially "good" monsters.

4. Both have glowing dorsal spikes.

5. Last but not the least, both become "alphas."

Don't get me wrong though. I'm not saying that the guys in Dreamworks Animation or even British author Cressida Cowell ripped off Toho's King of Monsters. Dragons have been a part of mythology before Gojira was used as a metaphor for nuclear destruction.

Still, it's fun to at least theorize that maybe Toothless might actually turn out to be Godzilla or at least a son of earth's biggest, baddest monster. In the new movie by Gareth Edwards, Godzilla is no longer a monster created by nuclear radiation. Instead, he is described as an "alpha predator" or a prehistoric creature that thrives on radiation deep within the Earth.

On the other hand, Toothless in the "Dragon" movies is described as a young dragon that is the same age as his rider, Hiccup. Toothless lives in the land of Berk but there is no indication that this is a different planet or is actually Earth. So, in theory, if this is Earth, all the dragons could have died out except for Toothless who is now the alpha dragon at the end of the movie. For millions of years, he loses his taste for fish and thrives on radiation, shedding his wings as he gains mass until he becomes so big that he can only live in the deepest part of the ocean.

What ties it together though is Toothless' atomic breath, which he uses to astonishing effect when he kills the Red Death mega-dragon in the first movie. Toothless and Godzilla both have dorsal spikes that light up before they start using their atomic breath. Toothless' atomic breath is not as powerful as Godzilla's but that's because of his age. A dragon feeding on radiation for millions of years could strengthen that atomic breath to a weapon of mass destruction.

So is the King of Monsters secretly the last Night Fury? Are the "How to Train Your Dragon" movies really the super secret origin of Godzilla?

At the very least, we finally have a theory why Godzilla keeps running after Aaron Taylor-Johnson who looks suspiciously like Hiccup.