Controversial Bayo campaign has Phase 2, 3


Posted at Jun 13 2012 11:16 AM | Updated as of Jun 14 2012 06:02 PM

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Women’s fashion brand Bayo has decided to reveal the rest of its campaign a week after it drew flak from Filipino Internet users for directly promoting mixed-race models.

In an e-mail, Bayo vice president for product research and development Lyn Agustin said the “What’s Your Mix?” campaign is “meant to be a three-part series rolled out over the next few months with the intent of celebrating nationality, heritage and personality mix.”

The ads released early this month featured models with labels such as “50% Australian and 50% Filipino.”

“Phase 2” and “Phase 3” of the campaign, however, have different captions: “50% Tagalog and 50% Ilongga” and “50% Nice and 50% Naughty,” respectively.

This image sent by Bayo shows the next two phases of its "What's Your Mix?" campaign.

“Unfortunately, the message got lost along the way,” Agustin said. “Despite this, we at Bayo will continue our 20-year tradition of celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of every Filipino.”

Last week, Agustin told that the “What’s Your Mix?” ads will be taken down “immediately” as they prepare a “better and more sensitive campaign.”

“We are very sorry that the campaign unintentionally offended people,” she said, not mentioning the agency behind the controversial campaign.

Several Filipinos turned to blogs and social networking sites last week as they criticized Bayo’s new campaign as “demeaning.”

Others, meanwhile, said the ads suggested that those who are 100% Filipino are inferior to their mixed-race counterparts.

‘Satisfied’ with sales

Pinky Estrebillo, Bayo’s general manager, hopes that the release of Phase 2 and 3 of the “What’s Your Mix?” campaign to the public will make people “understand and see what we’re trying to do.”

“The essence of every Filipino will always be part of every campaign that we come up with,” she told ANC on Wednesday afternoon.

Estrebillo added that the controversial campaign has, so far, not hurt Bayo’s sales.

“We’re still quite satisfied with sales right now. We feel that it didn’t really change. We’re still satisfied with what we’re having,” she said.