An Independence Day music playlist

Tha Good Life - by John Paul 'JP' Tanchanco

Posted at Jun 12 2013 11:13 AM | Updated as of Jun 12 2013 08:34 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Here are a few Original Pilipino Music (OPM) songs that can help put you in the Pinoy Independence Day mood.

I've put together a personal playlist of eight songs that can help fuel Pinoy pride.

Bamboo's "Noypi"

I think this is one of the best Pinoy clarion call songs ever written. It's rock edge is perfect for rekindling Pinoy pride and nationalism. It also brings me back to the last great OPM wave we enjoyed. I can't believe it was released nine years ago already.

It's a perfect tune if you want to start your day in high spirits.

Tropical Depression's "Kapayapaan"

This is an OPM reggae classic. I've always been a fan of the band since the first time I watched them as a teenager. I also enjoyed performing with them side by side during my active band days.

The song is a perfect Independence Day tune if you plan to chill out by the beach, or have an afternoon barbeque by the pool.

Bayang Barrios' "Malayo Man, Malapit Din"

This was an entry in the Metropop song fest in 2003. I've always loved Bayang's music.

It's a perfect theme for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are "far but near" enough to celebrate with us due to technological apps like Skype, or news websites like

Allan Pineda aka's "You can Dream"

I believe independence is about having the freedom to dream, and being able to live that dream. This is a perfect inspirational song by a global music icon who's proudly Pinoy. 

I think the song best expresses the essence and purpose of independence. It can be an inspirational soundtrack for people who are working during the holiday.

Hotdog's "Manila"

This tune has always been a classic anthem for Filipinos and even foreign tourists who have been to Manila.

It's a perfect Manila tune that you can sing to if you plan on hooking up your karaokes.

Kala's "Manila High"

It's actually been a while since I've listened to my own band's music. Gives me great memories of happy days!

This is a perfect groove to listen to if you plan on driving around Metro Manila with good vibes. Since it's a holiday, expect traffic to be light and perfect for cruising.

Francis M's "Three Stars and a Sun"

This song is my favorite Francis M song. It's a perfect tune for those of you who plan on hitting the gym or doing any sports activity.

This live version features Parokya ni Edgar playing with the late and great Francis M.

Dodjie Simon's "Isang Dugo Isang Lahi Isang Musika"

This is a perfect nationalistic anthem to end the day. I tweaked some lyrics for this version with the permission of Dodjie. I've always been a fan of this tune ever since my music teacher made my class sing it during my grade school days.

This version was performed by Bo Cerrudo and produced by me, my bro Brian Tanchanco, and our good friend Brian Cua for a movie project.


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