'Mixed race' memes


Posted at Jun 08 2012 05:40 PM | Updated as of Jun 09 2012 09:27 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Philippine fashion brand Bayo has apologized for the hoopla its “What’s Your Mix?” campaign caused and said it will junk it. However, netizens’ interest in the matter has not died down, with memes mimicking the discarded ads continuing to spread online.

Superheroes and fictional characters were a favorite theme.

Celebrities did not escape, either.

Others created memes searching for so-called "Pinoy Pride."

Some people who still have impeachment trial hangovers also created memes criticizing some of those involved.

Recent memes "celebrating" enrollment and the recent resumption of classes were also posted.

While others criticized the fashion brand, however, one netizen had a different view, saying while many disapproved of the campaign, it opened up a lot of opportunities for the brand.

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