Georgina Wilson recalls split with Borgy


Posted at Jun 02 2014 03:41 PM | Updated as of Jun 03 2014 01:44 AM

Television host and model Georgina Wilson

MANILA – Television host and model Georgina Wilson admitted she hit rock bottom when she and long-time boyfriend Borgy Manotoc parted ways for six months.

In an interview with Bianca Gonzalez as published on The Philippine Star website Sunday, Wilson said their breakup came as a shock.

“I think that I’ve never experienced real heartbreak until then. This was a feeling I’ve never felt before, it was really unprecedented in my life,” she told Gonzalez. “I am the rock in my family so I’ve always had to be strong. And in that period of my life, I didn’t know how to move forward. I didn’t know how to make sense of my life. I felt helpless. I didn’t even know.”

“I didn’t want to tell anyone about it back then because I didn’t understand it. There were days where I was like a zombie, I could not get up from bed. And it would be so ironic because those days, people would tweet me, ‘I wish I had your life,’ and I’m like, are you kidding? I would want to have anybody’s life right now, anybody but mine,” the model added.

But looking back, Wilson said there were also lessons learned.

“Being back together was not the biggest part of it, it’s really just going through that journey. The level of rock bottom that you hit, it will change you as a person. In a way, I had to go through that because I felt that everything was in my hands, I could do everything. But it came to a point that there was nothing I could do,” she said.

The 28-year-old model is grateful for Manotoc’s sister who helped her got through that “journey.”

“We would talk every single day. With Borgs and I, it was hard for me to accept because it wasn’t because we didn’t love each other or not because we weren’t good for each other. It was because I guess I’d taken things for granted. I am super the type to push things away that I don’t want to deal with, and it kind of blew up in my face. I was really arrogant enough to think that he would never leave me. Is this really happening? You really can’t wait? I feel like he felt he wasn’t important in my life anymore,” she said.

Wilson said their six months apart “was humbling and I became a completely different person.”

“I had to convince him that it was not going to be like it was before. I had to show him that it was really me that wanted to get back together,” she said.

Wilson and Manotoc have been together for four years now.

In two separate interviews with ABS-CBN News late last month, the two said their relationship is now stronger than ever.

"Well I think it was a hard time for both of us to talk [about it], but you never know how important something is until you lose it, 'di ba? So ngayon, alam na namin," Wilson said.

As for Manotoc, he said, "We're good, we're very happy. [We've been together] for over four years, so it's pretty serious. We're still very driven though. We both have a lot of things that we like to do and to achieve before we think about something more serious. I think we're in a good place."