Tracing the origins of Filipino dishes in Spain

By Alina Co

Posted at May 31 2014 03:06 AM | Updated as of May 31 2014 11:06 AM

This Sunday, June 1, Sandy Daza heads to Spain for an exciting gastronomic adventure.

Here, he traces the origins of favorite dishes we’ve come to call our own – paella, cochinillo, cocido, ensaimada, empanada and a whole smorgasbord of delicious Spanish food.

Traveling with his sister Nina Daza, Sandy meets Spanish foodies, American tour guides, chefs, cooks, fellow kababayans, and all kinds of residents who show Sandy why Spaniards are so passionate about their cuisine, and teach Sandy how to eat like a Spaniard.

Sandy’s first stop was the capital city of Spain, the melting pot of cuisines in the country. He discovers dishes that are perfect to eat on a rainy day, like cocido Madrileno, a stew slow-cooked to perfection. He drops by La Despensa del Carmen in Barrio Santiago, a bakery known for its mouth-watering empanada, which Sandy finds similar to the Filipino version, but the difference is the Spanish version has a thinner crust. The bakers in a popular ensaimada shop teach Sandy how to mold the perfectly- shaped ensaimada. But in the end, Sandy contents himself with eating bite after bite of the crunchy, moist and chewy pastry.

When in Madrid, Sandy discovers the fastest way to orient yourself with their food is to go to a food court, like El Corte Ingles, where the best of Spanish cuisine can be found: cheese, Spanish pizzas, bread, deliciously thin Iberico Ham, and of course, good old Spanish wine. In Madrid Fusion 2014, Sandy meets people of all nationalities who gather for a three-day convention of Madrid fusion, cooking trends and the world’s culinary superstars.

In Spain, the days are long and the nights are longer. Evenings find Sandy hopping from one tavern to the next for some cocktails and several rounds of tapas. He also samples nouvelle cuisine, which originated from Spain.

Sandy’s food adventures don’t stop in Madrid. Next week, June 8, catch Part 2 of his Spain food trip as he travels to Valencia for sunshine, oranges and authentic Paella valenciana, Barcelona for a stroll down Las Ramblas and some delicious seafood, and Cuenca for abstract art and the most tender Cordero al Homo.

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