How to make your child like school opening

by Rose Carmelle Lacuata,

Posted at May 29 2014 06:24 PM | Updated as of May 30 2014 02:24 AM

MANILA - With school opening just around the corner, parents will have to pull their children out of vacation and prepare them for school.

On Wednesday's episode of DZMM radio show "Sakto", Rowena Juan Matti, a psychologist, gave tips on how parents can help their children get emotionally ready for school.

Matti advised parents to start preparing their children as early as a week before school starts by asking them to sleep early and to wake up early.

"Patulugin ng maaga, pagising ng maaga, pero dapat bigyan niyo sila ng gagawin. Baka naman gisingin niyo nga ng maaga, wala naman silang ginagawa," she added.

She also advised parents to be as prepared as their children, especially if it is the child's first time to go to school.

Matti said that parents should help their children become more familiar with their new surroundings by bringing them to school even before school starts.

It is also better for parents to leave their children for short periods of time to train them.

However, separation anxiety not only affects children. Sometimes, parents get too anxious that they tend to get more scared of going to school and leaving their children to "strangers" than their children.

"Dapat 'yung parents, ready din. Kapag iniwan mo sila, huwag mong sasabihin na 'iiwan kita ah, 'wag kang matatakot', kasi minsan, hindi nila alam ang gagawin, pero dahil sinabi mo, maiisip niya yun," Matti said.

She also noted that parents should stick to what they tell their children.

"Kapag sinabi mong babalik ka, dapat babalik ka talaga."

Children should also be well-fed and not sleepy or tired every time you give them instructions so they can easily understand and follow.

Matti added that parents should spend time training their children at home, even before they go to school.

Talking to children and telling them what to expect can also help them prepare for school.

"Minsan yung mga bata excited pumasok (sa school) kasi sanay nang naiiwan, o kaya nakikita yung mga kapatid na pumapasok sa school," Matti said.

To prepare older children for school, Matti suggests bringing them with you when you buy their school supplies, or letting them help you in covering their books or notebooks.

"Kapag exited na sila, you don't even have to wake them up."