Miss PH-Earth 2013 candidates in Q&A portion


Posted at May 20 2013 01:59 PM | Updated as of May 21 2013 07:01 PM

The winners of this year's Miss Earth Philippines. Photo from the Facebook page of Miss Earth Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - Here is the question and answer portion for the Top 10 candidates in this year's Miss Philippines-Earth pageant.

Kimverlyn Suiza of Nagcarlan, Laguna (Miss Philippines-Air)

Question (from ABS-CBN Foundation managing director Gina Lopez): “What is the connection between the environment and quality of life?”

Answer: “It involves a lot because the quality of the environment also defines the quality of people living in a country. It also defines the economic stability and sustainability of a country, so it also promotes the eco-tourism, for example, to the Philippines, to the rest of the world. Thank you.”

Kristel Suizo of Misamis Occidental

Question (from Emmy Award-winning TV producer Michael Carandang): “Should girls who pose in sexy magazines be allowed to join beauty pageants? Why or why not?”

Answer: “Beauty, especially women [who] poses (sic) in magazine should also join pageants. Because you are not just possessing [a] body… but also everyone should have, or everyone should give that woman a privilege to prove herself because every woman has its different capacities and different beauty. And with that, we should be responsible.”

Lulette Jane Ramilo of San Manuel, Isabela

Question (from Naderev Saño, undersecretary of the Commission on Climate Change): “The winner of this competition will be, in a big sense, the spokesperson for mother earth, because mother earth cannot really speak for herself. What will be, as a spokesperson for mother earth, what will be your message to your generation?”

Answer: “Okay, thank you for that question, sir. In line with my profession three years from now as an education student, I can give my student true education, help them with seminars [and] workshops, because I do believe if they will establish discipline, changes will follow. Thank you.”

Jannie Loudette Alipo-on of Cabugao, Ilocos Sur

Question (from Twitter): “How would you feel if you were competing against women who have undergone plastic surgery?”

Answer: “For me, the girls who [have] undergone plastic surgeries… for me, I would not recommend them to do surgeries because beauty is all about [being] natural. You have to be proud and you have to be satisfied [with] what God gave you. But if you want to be born beautiful and if you are not satisfied with what God gave you, well, surgery will do better. But for me, natural [beauty] is the [real] beauty.”

Nancy Leonard of Zamboanga City (Miss Philippines-Water)

Question (from Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco): “Who do you think make better elected officials, showbiz personalities or traditional politicians? Why?”

Answer: “I think that the officials should be voted as a person who has a good heart that can serve his people, [someone who is] bright as well as is… the Philippines, if you are in the Philippines, so, um, he should serve his people, and also his land. Because I believe that the land where we are, are also the ones… are the place where we live in. And I believe that it should be given priority. That is all. Thank you.”

Janine Asanion of San Marcelino, Zambales

Question (from talent manager Arnold Vegafria): “My question is about [the] political system in our country. Should political dynasties be allowed to continue, or should a law finally be passed to stop it, and why?”

Answer: “Thank you for that question, sir. For me, if the political dynasty is serving well and [is an] environmental advocate, it is okay to continue their service, for the future. That’s all, thank you.”

Bernadette Mae Aguirre of Sta. Maria, Bulacan (Miss Philippines-Eco-Tourism)

Question (from Agnes Roscigno, wife of Italian ambassador Massimo Roscigno): “Among the ten of you deserving finalists tonight, why should I select you as 2013 Miss Philippines-Earth?”

Answer: “Thank you for that question, ma’am. Should I become the Miss Philippines-Earth 2013, I would want to extend my help to my fellow Bulaceños. I want to help in reviving the Marilao-Meycauayan-Obando river system… which is [in] the list of the most populated place (sic) in the world. And I also want to change the mindset of the people... thank you.”

Angelee delos Reyes of Olongapo City (Miss Philippines-Earth)

Question (from F1 Hotel Manila general manager Laurence Peña): “Beauty pageants usually choose their winners based on beauty of face, figure and intelligence. My question is, if you could add a criterion to pick the winner, what would it be and why?”

Answer: “Of course, if I could add another criteria (sic) to having a healthy body, sound mind and engaging personality, beautiful face and beautiful body, I will add a good heart or a genuine heart to take care of the environment. Because Miss Philippines-Earth is here to tall to all of us that we must take care of our environment, not only for ourselves but also for future generations. Thank you.”

Alma Cabasal of Fil-USA West Coast (Miss Philippines-Fire)

Question (from Czech ambassador Josef Rychtar): “Should you win tonight, what would you advise politicians to improve protection of [the] environment in the world or in the Philippines?”

Answer: “I would advise the politicians who won in the recent elections to please become an environmental advocate as well because we do need help. Us (sic) ladies are not just pretty faces and full of advocacy for the environment – we do need power as well. And since you have the power, please do help us to save mother earth, especially here in the Philippines. Thank you.”

Athina Karla Chia of Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay

Question (from celebrity Iya Villania): “My question for you is actually from one of my followers on Twitter. And she tweeted, from Francis Castillo, ‘how would you address the Tubbataha Reef incident that have happened recently here in the Philippines?’”

Answer: “Honestly, I’m not pretty sure with the Tubbataha Reef issue. But what I know is there’s a problem that the Chinese are... they are trying to pollute whatever we have resources right now. So I think that we Filipinos should take care of our environment very well, and guard it, since other countries are trying to get our flora and fauna. That’s all, thank you.”