How Celine Lopez overcame her shopping problem


Posted at May 19 2014 01:04 PM | Updated as of May 19 2014 09:04 PM

MANILA – Socialite and fashion maven Celine Lopez admitted to having a shopping problem during her youth as she shared her thoughts about growing up.

In her column in The Philippine Star published Monday, Lopez said she believes having less but good quality clothes is a sign of confidence, wisdom and maturity.

“I looked at the pile of clothes I have accumulated from my 20s to the present day and I thought to myself: I have a shopping problem. All still had tags on them or had just been worn once,” Lopez wrote of her situation, which many women can usually relate to.

To overcome her shopping problem, Lopez said she did a “fashion cleanse” by taking out most of her clothes from her closet and selling them.

The much-photographed socialite, who was often seen wearing trendy outfits during parties when she was young, said she only left the clothes that “sang the song of the current me.”

“I just left the basics: cashmere cardigans, some easy dresses, jeans and some cocktail dresses. My walk-in closet is so empty that I could drag my pillow and blanket and call it another bedroom. It is liberating, I feel so clean. I feel so me,” she wrote.

“Now I couldn’t care less about repeating. My 71 Gramercy outfits consist of a tank top, jeans and flats… What started to matter to me was quality,” she added. “They were less of them, but they were a few good men.”

Relating her closet cleaning to her maturity as a person, Lopez wrote: “That’s the thing about growing up. You start caring more about the quality of the things you include in your everyday routine.”

“I look forward to getting older. I am more confident. I am more intuitive. But mostly, I’m less stupid,” she added.